Want a super easy and affordable project for the backyard? This DIY Trellis is a quick weekend project that will add character and greenery to any backyard space. 


16 gauge galvanized wire 
1.25” sharp point lath screws 
Wire cutters 
Star Jasmine plant (Trachelospermum jasminoides) 

We purchased all of our materials for this DIY Trellis at The Home Depot.


1. Screw in the lath screws in a square/rectangle on a portion of your fence. You will only screw the screw half way in, leaving half of the threads exposed.  We measured our screws 11” apart. The distance between them will determine how tight your grid will be. 
2. Start in lower left corner and wrap the screw with the wire, secure by wrapping a few times. 

3. Then, tightly stretch the wire to the screw immediately to the right, wrap it, then carry wire up to the first screw on the left. You’re creating a zig zag pattern. 
4. Once you work your way to the top right corner you will cut the wire and secure it to the corner screw. You will then start a new wire strand from the top left screw and work your way down into the right corner. Remember to wrap each screw and keep the wire tight, never sagging. 

5. Plant Star Jasmine in ground, (we recommend adding a drip line for irrigation) then string the vines through the grid. This is what will train the plant to grab onto the wire as it grows. 

That’s it! It will take about a year for the Star Jasmine to really fill in on the grid, but once it does it’s super lush and pretty, and even flowers in the spring. Can’t recommend it enough for a crawling vine plant.

If you’re interested in sprucing up your outdoor space, make sure you check out this DIY Succulent Planter as well!

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    • Nichole

    My dad is coming to visit next month and I’ve officially put this on my “daddy do” list. My husband, nor I, am very handy. Plus, dads are the best.


    I’m totally going to be doing this. I’m interested to see if you have an updated image of it once it grew in.

    • Aubrey

    What wood stain did you use for the fence?

    • aaron

    Could you place a diagram of how to string the wire in the pattern?

    • Brandon

    I’m so der how you just wrapped 16 gauge with around a screw and it held? How many feet of site did it take?