Wowweeee.  The boys’ bathroom is done and I suddenly want to ditch my bathroom and spend all my free-time in here!

Before we get into the products we used to spruce up the space, lets remember what the boys’ bathroom looked like before.

Nothing wrong with it…but just so darn bland and basic. We had been dying to ditch the builder grade vanity and mirrors and selected a new Home Decorators Collection vanity from The Home Depot (sponsored) that made designing the rest of the space a cinch! We LOVED the color of the cabinet and the fact that it came with an under-mount sink and the marble countertop with backsplash. All we had to add was the faucet and we paired it with this matte black one by Symmons that totally completed the space.

Searching for a mirror was easy, since we knew we wanted to match the matte black faucet. We landed on this one by Glass Warehouse with a rectangular black frame and the best part is that it comes with a little ledge that you can set soap or your cell phone on (not pictured). Sadly, the faucet was in the way of the ledge so we couldn’t include it here, but I think that’s a super useful option if you can fit it in your space!

Have I mentioned before how much I love that The Home Depot has literally EVERYTHING you need to outfit a space?? I found the cutest Litton Lane canisters that house things like q-tips and cotton swabs, but look adorable on a counter. Also found this cute black tumbler as well. My kids are ALWAYS needing “just one more sip of water” night. And this Nearly Natural faux olive plant is the perfect size for the counter space.

Another item that really helped us decide on color pallet for this space was the wall art by Alison Jerry that you see in the reflection of the mirror. The warm golds, white, and charcoal helped us decide on the direction we wanted to go.

Since we had so much movement with the ceiling and tile floor we went with a simple white shower curtain from Home Decorator’s Collection. You can NEVER go wrong with clean white linens in a bathroom.

Want to make your space feel like a spa and make your guests (or kids OR YOURSELF) feel like a million bucks?? (yes, please!) Add one of these bamboo caddy trays, so you can soak in style. Catch up on your latest book and relax in that tub after a long day at work. Best $24 you’ll ever spend.

This might sound silly, but I get so dang excited for fresh linens in the bathroom! Kids towels seem to get worn down pretty quickly, but these ones from Home Decorator’s Collection are the SOFTEST, most absorbent towels we have ever owned! And the new rug by The Company Store is so dang soft under our feet. I placed some in the cabinet, a few up on the towel rack, and tucked some inside that decorative basket (which came in a set of 3). With 4 boys using this bathroom, one thing they always need its EXTRA TOWELS!

The Home Decorators Collection light above the vanity is the icing on the cake! SO FUN taking this builder-grade-basic bathroom to ‘a day at the spa’ with the help of home décor options available on! This was my digital mood board image and I think the space turned out even better than I originally envisioned.

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    • Shanna

    Looks amazing!! Y’all are such a relented team ❤️

      • Shanna


      • Berta

      Looks amazing! Thanks for sharing. Would love details on the ceiling. My bathroom ceiling needs a definite redo; need to convince the hubby to DIY

    • Stacey

    Really looks great I already put 2 things in my basket!

    • Kayla

    Absolutely love how this turned out!! All that hard work paid off for sure!! Thank you for sharing!

    • Kaylissa

    Looks incredible! Definitely planning to add skinny slag the second I move into our new house! Do you have a link for the black shelf?

      • Stephanie

      I want to know where the black shelve came from as well!

    • Angelia

    It turned out amazing! I would love to know where the black shelf is from?

    • Amanda

    Looks amazing! Can you provide floor tile details please?

    • Liz

    Love this! It all came together so perfectly!!??

    • Liv

    Love it and thank you for taking the time to share all the items and how they came together!

    • Brandi zanone

    I also just purchased some of these items at Home Depot. I really need that shelf do you have a link????

    • Carrie Jane

    Where can you find those amazing floors, though?!! Such an amazing space!

    • Heidi

    Do you have a link for the black shelf above the toilet?

    • Liza

    Beautiful! Where is the towel rack from?

    • Erin Lohr

    How did y’all do the ceiling? I love it!!

    • Lisa Briscoe

    What color paint was used? This turned out very nice. Love it!

    • Maria

    Can you tell us the pain color and a link for the pulls? Thanks – Looks great

    • Ashley

    Where is the black shelf/towel rack above the toilet from?

    • Jane Tomsey

    Your bathroom is just so well done. Like other people I love the black shelf and would appreciate a source

    • Becky

    Wow! That is a stunning transformation. I love the colors that you chose. I think that it makes the bathroom look bigger also. The first thing that caught my eye were the cabinet door handles. Those popped out to me. Well done!

    • Hannah Bradley

    The vanity has been discontinued. Suggestions on ones that are most similar?

    • Chelsea Bierlein

    Is this a Kohler or Sterling tub/tile insert or just a tub and you added real tile? Looking for something similar. Thanks

    • Elisa

    How did you hang the mirror with the board and batten behind it?

    • Michele Dwyer

    Could you please let me know where the towel rack is from? I love the look so much and I checked on the Home Depot website but I am unable to locate it.

    • Laura

    I love it! Everything looks amazing. Thank you for sharing the items you used to make it look so beautiful. I am shopping for those items for sure!

    • Erin

    Do you have a fan in the bathroom ceiling? Did you disguise it somehow?