From the time they were little, it was really important for Brad and I to instill independence. When it comes to projects and household chores, we do our best to not take the easy way out. What do I mean by this? Instead of just taking over when they are taking too long or doing it incorrectly, we slow down and use the opportunity as a teaching moment. Our hope is that next time they can do it just a litttlleee bit better.

Our family is committed to a morning routine that works for us which always includes making our beds. Back to teaching independence, this is something our kids at any age could handle with the help of Beddy’s!

What Are Beddy’s?

Beddy’s takes the place of your favorite comforter, but with even more comfort! It has the function of a sleeping bag, but the comfort and design of the best bedding you’ll ever find. The comforter wraps around your mattress like a fitted sheet, while the top comforter zips up to create a perfectly made bed every single time.

When it’s time to go to bed, unzip the smooth zipper and snuggle in. There are two options for sleeping: either zip your Beddy’s back up like a sleeping bag, or keep it unzipped like a comforter. 

When you wake up the next morning, there is no need for fuss when making your bed. Just zip it back up to reveal a perfectly made bed!

Yeah, But Are Beddy’s Comfortable?

Simply put, SO COMFORTABLE! Quality was a concern for our family too (my children are so picky on the blankets they sleep with) but from one mom to another – you won’t be disappointed.

There are two options depending on if you run hot or cold when you sleep:

For the warm sleepers out there, Beddy’s has a classic cotton option to remain cool throughout the night. If you tend to get chilly, Beddy’s lines their bedding with a luxurious minky fabric.

The luxury of minky fabric is unlike anything else. I get asked often if the minky is too warm and I truly don’t think it is. Even when we lived in Austin, my kids slept with minky fabric Beddy’s.

How Do You Wash Beddy’s?

This is what won me over to buy Beddy’s for every child. It washes just like a traditional fitted sheet! Zipped or unzipped, we wash them with our standard detergent and have had zero issues.

Every parent knows the pit in your stomach when in the middle of the night you hear “Mommy!!”. You can anticipate that there will be some sort of emergent mess. In this case, I can just take off all of the bedding in one swoop and toss in the washing machine in one piece.

Are Beddy’s For Adults?

Yes! They have Queen and King sizes in styles that were designed for a more mature design. Brad and I have had them on our bed on and off over the last several years and really like them. Truthfully, as an adult, I know how to make my bed and sometimes prefer the classic fitted sheet from my traditional bedding.

We opt for Beddy’s in kids rooms and guest rooms – ALWAYS!

Bunk Bed Bedding

If you’ve followed us for awhile, you know that built in bunks are kind of our thing. Have you ever tried to make a top bunk bed? It is basically impossible without Beddy’s. It will never pull tight or look nice, especially if you’re relying on a precious child to get the job done.

We love them, but a perfect top bunk bed is not their strong suit! haha. Bunk beds need Beddy’s – end of story!

Beddy’s Pricing: Is It Worth It?

Beddy’s start at $150 for a set – you’ll get your Beddy’s, pillowcases, and shams.

Beddy’s are more expensive than the traditional bedding found at places like Target or Bed Bath and Beyond. In my opinion, it is worth it for both children and adults simply because of how our home looks now that we have them. These beddings are tried-and-true durable for years. With five children, I wouldn’t recommend anything that is not durable for the long haul. 

Beddy’s has styles and sizing for:

  • Toddler bedding
  • RV bedding
  • Bunk beds
  • Crib bedding
  • Boy bedding
  • Girl bedding
  • Adult bedding

My Final Thoughts

My family will never go without Beddy’s zip up bedding again! With countless designs and patterns, Beddy’s will fit the needs of all my children as they grow and my evolving design taste.

One of the owners of Beddy’s, Betsy Mikesell, has become one of my very best friends over the years as we have grown our businesses alongside each other (and now we are neighbors!). It’s such an honor to champion such a kind-hearted CEO with a company built on values our families share. I love knowing that we are supporting a small business, and a female-owned one at that.

We are so excited to offer an exclusive discount to all of our blog readers. You can use the code HOLLY for 20% off your Beddy’s order. If you have any questions, comment below!

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