Although this trip is from a few months back, with travel opening up more I just couldn’t keep this special place to myself. Today on the blog, we will be discussing our experience at Cedar Lodge to help you decide if it’s the perfect weekend away for your family!

What Is Big Cedar Lodge?

Big Cedar Lodge Family Resort Trip

Big Cedar Lodge is a wilderness resort located on Table Rock Lake in Southern Missouri. While we’ve taken many family trips over the years, this resort is on a whole other level. It’s incredible!

What sets this resort apart from many other vacations is how it’s designed to be fun for the whole family. There are endless (and I mean endless) activities to try, which means the whole family can find something to enjoy!

Shuttles make it easy to bounce around and experience all the amenities the resort offers, but with so much to do we couldn’t fit it all in just one visit. Spoiler Alert: we will be coming back very soon.

Our Lodging Accommodations

We booked two next-door cabins to stay in: one for our family and one for Brad’s parents. Before stepping foot inside, it felt like I was transported back to my childhood. We stayed in a real-life Lincoln Logs house!

Our family of seven stayed in the two room cabin with a loft area and pull-out sofa. Brad and I claimed the downstairs bedroom, letting the kids use the upstairs as a space of their own.

Immediately, we were greeted by a beautiful snack and activities basket that included a puzzle. You guys, I had to stop myself for immediately diving into it and instead admired the interior design.

This stunning cabin was full of classic design elements, such as the many stuffed animals on the walls the kids got a kick out of. The two story windows let in the most amazing light, especially from the stained glass at the top. Brad and I woke up early to sit and admire it.

Brad’s parents had an equally as charming one room cabin that was more than enough space for the two of them. Everything about our lodging was absolutely perfect!

What To Eat At Big Cedar Lodge

Set your expectations way above the camp food we knew as kids because Big Cedar Lodge’s meals are next level! From breakfast to dinner, the entire family was full and happy.

The night of our arrival, we piled into their cozy shuttle and admired the Christmas lights on our drive to dinner at Top Of The Rock. When planning this trip, I dreamed the nine of us chatting in a cozy log cabin over a delicious meal- this dinner was just that. We left with full bellies and hearts, ready for the fun ahead.

If you go to Big Cedar Lodge, Truman Cafe for breakfast is an absolute must. We are a breakfast loving family so the standards are high- it knocked our socks off! For the rest of the weekend, we bounced around restaurants that had no shortage of delicious options. Quick snacks are also easy to find, but we always pack a few favorites with us to enjoy.

Our Favorite Family Activities

There are endless activities available, but we found a lot of fun in embracing the activities available because of the season.

Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Tractor sleigh ride to see the Christmas lights
  • Gingerbread house decorating contest (this was a big deal to our family)
  • Go-kart driving
  • Bowling
  • Hiking
  • Drive-by tour of the Ozarks

In just one weekend we were able to accomplish so much, and that barely scratched the surface of all they have to offer! We are dying to come back in the summer to keep checking activities off the to-do list, including fun on the water when it’s warmer.

I can’t write this post without discussing the family battle of the gingerbread houses. Brad’s recreation of Bass Pro Shops won him the contest, but it wasn’t without sadness from a few of the losing family members. 

The Big Cedar Lodge employees answered our many calls on the drive home to find out the winner and were so sweet to mail us our prize! I mean it when I say everything about this trip was perfect, down to the incredible hospitality. 

Big Cedar Lodge: Our Final Thoughts

Before even finishing the weekend trip, Brad and I decided this is the perfect place to host a family reunion. With so much variety, there is guaranteed fun no matter the age. Despite this trip being months ago, we still bring it up at dinner time at least once a week- the entire weekend was perfect.

If you are even considering giving Big Cedar Lodge a try, just do it! Trust us, it will create memories that last a lifetime.

If you decide to book a trip to Big Cedar Lodge, please let us know in the comments! And to keep up with all things Our Faux Farmhouse, check out our latest posts:

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    • Christina Roberts

    This is very near my home. Bass Pro’s Dogwood Canyon is also a beautiful place to get a great meal, see animals, ride bikes and explore the beautiful Ozarks. It’s one of my favorite places!

      • Brad and Holly Lauritzen

      That’s so awesome!!