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My daughter is a huge crafter. (Like mother like daughter, right?) But until this project, she really didn’t have a dedicated space where she could work in peace. More often than not, we’d end up taking over the dining room table, making a big mess, and then scrambling to put everything away before dinner.

Not anymore! We designed Rae’s Retreat to be a crafting space she could grow into and use for years. The design coordinates with the rest of our home, but it’s also a room Rae can make entirely her own.

Rae's craft room ideas

Try These Craft Room Ideas! 

Find Cute & Practical Storage Solutions

Storage is key in any craft room, but it doesn’t have to be clunky and boring. For storing big items, I found a simple but chic cubby shelf and picked coordinating plastic bins. On top, I added three lazy Susans for smaller things like pencils and paintbrushes. In my experience, it’s really easy for a crafting space to become cluttered and chaotic, so I’m hoping these storage solutions prevent that! 

craft room ideas

Make Room For Working Together

While she does love to craft alone, we also collaborate on tons of projects! That’s why I opted for a double desk with two matching chairs. It gives Rae plenty of room to spread out her supplies when working alone, and it also makes it easy and comfortable to work together.

craft room ideas

Dress Up Your Wall Space

Since we were working with such a small room, I knew I wanted to utilize as much wall space as possible! I found some fun modular shelves that Rae can adjust whenever she likes, and I put up several paper roll holders so she’ll always have space to draw. I also found some natural wood bookshelves, which I think will be perfect for sketchbooks and small canvases, and a reusable wall calendar.

craft room ideas

Keep It Cozy

I don’t ever want Rae to feel shut away or lonely when she’s in her craft room. To keep it cozy, I added a leopard print rug and a comfy ottoman in case she wants to work on the floor.

Rae's craft room ideas

Make It Personal

We designed the craft room to be Rae’s retreat from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the house. That’s why it was so important to me that we add personalized touches: I wanted it to feel like hers. 

To do this, I chose decor and storage that were specific to her crafts of choice. My favorite find was this wrapping paper storage cart from Home Depot, which we turned into a Cricut Cart! Rae does tons of stuff with the Cricut, and this cart makes it so much easier. I also ordered a custom neon sign and put up some simple wall art to get Rae inspired!

Rae's craft room ideas

Have Fun With Your Own Craft Room Ideas!

Try these craft room ideas, but make your space your own! No matter how you design it, your craft room will change as you make fun arts and crafts to fill it with. Embrace the process, and see what it becomes! 

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