Customizable Cookware with LeCreuset

(This post is sponsored by our partner LeCreuset cookware, but the opinions are my own.)

Have you ever thought of your cookware as a design fixture? I hadn’t either until I found customizable cookware at! On their website I found that they offer SO MUCH more than just pots and pans. It’s like being able to pick out lighting or custom kitchen features…you pick what works for YOUR INDIVIDUAL SPACE!

Now that it’s FINALLY a bit cooler here in Texas I’m pulling out all of my fall colors and decor and I loved being able to pick some pieces from LeCreuset’s fall palette–a balance of rich colors, familiar roots, and design elements.

From the warmth of Truffle to the light, lifting character of Meringue, the versatile range of neutrals is soothing, rich and deeply hued inviting the season’s hallmark shades into the kitchen and around the table.

(Pictured is a braiser in the color fig.)

To give these cookware sets a little extra flair I switched out the stainless steel knobs with these copper ones…which added the perfect custom touch for our kitchen!

I don’t think I’ve ever been MORE excited about cookware in my life! The hardest part about placing an order on the LeCreuset site is deciding which colors to pick! They’ve got over 25 to choose from–perfect for any kitchen–and all of your holiday cooking needs!

October 14, 2019

  1. Moriah says:

    Girl, you are breaking my heart with all that beautiful (and expensive) cookware! Any chance you can do a Le Creuset giveaway?

  2. Carrie Hibbett says:

    I’ve been planning to add some of these beauties to my cookware collection. I wasn’t sure what size would be most useful. Can you list what sizes each of the pieces you have are?

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