Every once in a while, there is a product that takes the internet by storm. You’ll see it shared in IG stories across so many influencers, you have to wonder if it’s actually worth the hype. A few years back, I had the opportunity to first work with Dime Beauty and try out the full range of products! At this time, I was just dipping my toe into the world of clean beauty products. I knew it was important to take ingredients into consideration, but I wasn’t sold that it would work as well as my tried and true products! 

What To Know About Dime Beauty

Baylee and Ryan Relf (a fellow husband and wife turned entrepreneurial couple!) founded Dime Beauty after realizing the gap in the market for clean skincare. Baylee pursued this idea to its fullest by enrolling in esthetician school while Ryan coincidentally landed a job as a product development specialist in the beauty industry.

Together, they founded Dime Beauty with the mission to bring luxury skincare and beauty to the market at an affordable price point. 

We really try our best to support companies that do right by their customers and our experience with the Dime Beauty team has been nothing short of amazing!

In full transparency, we have done paid partnerships with Dime Beauty in the past. This post, however, is not part of any paid partnership or collaboration. The links used in this post are affiliate links, meaning we make a small commission on any items purchased with our link at no additional cost to you. As always, all opinions are our own.

Why is Clean Beauty So Important?

We all know clean beauty and skincare is important- but why? The answer is simple: chemicals are harmful to your body. Now the occasional use of a product with chemicals in it will not wreak havoc on your body, but overtime the small uses begin to add up.

Everything we put in close proximity to our face has the chance of ending up inside our bodies. The foods we eat, makeup we wear, or the nightly skincare regime we stick to can potentially cause serious harm if we are not careful.

Clean beauty takes all of those fears away. Every ingredient in a clean beauty brand, such as Dime Beauty, is thoroughly tested to confirm that it is not only a positive addition to your beauty routine, but ensures your physical well-being.

Dime Beauty was one of the first to believe in the ethical use of ingredients- proving they are the real deal!

My Favorite Dime Beauty Products


Eyelash Boost Serum

As a tried-and-true lover of eyelash extensions ( Did you know we are the co-owners of FlutterHabit?! Read more about that journey right here!), I am always putting on a fresh pair to achieve the lash look I want. With so much maintenance, the health of my natural lashes is top priority so each application is smooth.

I have tried every (and I mean every) eyelash serum on the market- including those with the over a hundred dollar price point. The Dime Beauty serum achieves the same incredible results as all the others on the market, but for a fraction of the price.

This product does require consistency to produce results. Right after I finish my morning skincare, I swipe a thin layer on the base of my lashes and I’m good to go! 

After 8-12 weeks, my lashes were the longest and strongest they had been in years.


Eyebrow Enhancing Gel

I have fallen into the trap of eyebrow trends many times over the years. From the thin brows of the 90’s to microblading a few years back, I have always wanted the natural yet full brow look.

On a late-night repurchasing session of their eyelash serum, I was excited to see they now offered a bundle of eyelash and eyebrow growth treatments. With such a good price point, there was no downside in giving it a try.

I applied the eyebrow gel at the same time as my eyelash serum and after a little over two months I saw growth! My eyebrows had the thick and full look I have always been after.


Lovely Sweet Dreams Perfume

I am always on the hunt for my next favorite perfume, but I had no idea it would be sold by Dime Beauty. In the same purchase I tried out the eyebrow gel, I threw their “Lovely Sweet Dreams” perfume into my cart. Little did I know this would be my new staple.

No matter where I go, strangers will stop me and ask what scent I am wearing. It is the perfect mix of not too sweet and not too floraly. The real kicker though- this perfume lasts ALL DAY LONG.  I just assumed perfumes would fade on me forever. Not anymore.

Dime Beauty has many fragrance selections to choose from or try them all in a sampler pack to truly find your new signature scent.

Is Dime Beauty Worth A Try?

I am fortunate enough that Dime Beauty reached out to partner and give a coupon code to anyone reading! Use the code: faux20 for 20% plus free shipping on orders over $39

If you do decide to give Dime Beauty a try, let me know what you chose and how much you liked it in the comments!

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