This was an easy one, guys. I’ll keep it simple…because I’m in Costa Rica. But basically, we got tired of paying for hook systems to don’t hold our kiddos backpacks. So, here’s our version of backpack hangers- DIY style. Is there any other way?? {Saved Tutorial Story to the highlight reel. ?} .

Materials for Backpack Hangers

Hooks from @hobbylobby ($2.50 each when on sale!) ➕2×8 lumber (we used 5 hooks and cut ours to 42”) ➕ ‘Weathered’ One Step Stain by @oldbarnmilkpaint(link in profile) ➕ 3.5” screws and 1” screws .


1️⃣ Cut the wood to the size you need for your space. For 5 backpack hooks we found that 42” is perfect. Remember, you can have them cut lumber at Home Depot.
2️⃣ Stain wood with my fave WATER-BASED stain from @oldbarnmilkpaint. This stain dries SO QUICKLY and has zero odor. We stain on our counter (as seen in my stories) all the time. It just wipes up!
3️⃣ Attach hooks by screwing them directly into the 2×8 with 1” screws. Don’t fuss over trying to align nails on the back like Hobby Lobby wants you too. It’s nearly impossible. So screw them on from the top.
4️⃣ We attached the board directly to studs in the wall so it can’t be ripped down. This is where we used 3.5” screws.

That’s it! Way better than a pricey hook thingy that falls off the wall every other day!

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