Our Backyard Playhouse. Brad thought this up and didn’t write anything down. ? Suffice it to say…all supplies can be found at your local hardware store!  All I asked was for a platform the kids could pretend on. This thing has motion activated A/C. And a TV. And a Roku. So basically, he took my platform idea and threw it out the window. But I’m okay with it.

This house took us 6 months to complete. But Brad took every chance he could to involve the boys along the way. He paid such close attention to detail. Made me excited to build a real house one day.


It really was like building a miniature house…with electricity, a/c (a must for the Texas summer heat). The only thing we’re missing is a water line. We wanted it tall enough for Mom and Dad to be in there without crouching but then we realized we were wasting a lot of space. So the loft was a pleasant afterthought. That’s where our kids hangout and watch their shows on the Roku My favorite part of the playhouse is the vintage locker baskets on the wall. Who would’ve known the same baskets we used in junior high PE would be so popular 25 years later?? I would’ve kept mine! I paid about $30 each for these at an antique store in town. ? And of course I channeled my inner Joanna Gaines and used metal pipes for the railing, ladder, and desk leg. One note here-pipes (and those dang flanges) are way more expensive than you think they should be.

Inside the playhouse. Rug/Pillows from Target, metal chairs from local furniture store in Austin. Sign made with vinyl stencil. Crayon/Marker holder from Ikea. Bookshelves are plastic gutters from Lowe’s. Pallet wood lining the ceiling is from a local pallet yard. Lighting from the hardware store Industrial piping and all wood from the hardware store. Is it weird that I covet those planked walls in there? I want them in my real house. We joke that the playhouse is nicer than our real house. And it kinda is.


We did a few updates to the playhouse when we moved to our new home! It had to match ;). See the current playhouse HERE.

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    • Nicole

    Do you have blueprints for this?

      • Travis

      Do you have blueprints for this?

      • JRiley

      Did blueprints ever get posted by any chance?

      • Grant LeRoux

      I would like to obtain plans for. the backyard playhouse. Thank you


    • Ashtin

    I was wondering what the dimensions were and if you were happy with the size? Thanks!

    • Michelle Zidlicky

    Do you have a blueprint for this?

      • Tonia Cannon

      Do you have a material list for this?

    • Anderson

    Mello, could you please sell us the bluprints for it?
    Thanks a lot

    • Anderson

    Hello, could you please sell us the blueprints for it?
    Thanks a lot

    • Kate

    I’m interested in Blue Prints as well

    • Teresa castillo

    I know several have asked for a copy of the blueprints for the shed. Can you help us with that. Please send [email protected]

    Let me know the price

    • Amy Orosco

    Hi there! Are the blueprints available?

      • Brittany Freer

      I like all these other people, love love love your playhouse!
      Is it possible to purchase the blueprints! I would love to do so!
      Thanks so much Holly and Brad!

    • Michelle Hunt

    Hi, do you blueprints you can send? If so, can you email to [email protected]? If you have supply list as well, that would be great! Really appreciate it!

      • Elyse Ryab

      Hi Michelle, did you get a response for blueprints or a supply list? If you did, will you share it? [email protected]
      I’d appreciate any info you may have:)
      thank you,


    • Greg

    I would also love a set of blueprints for this house. Great job!!

    • Natalie

    Hi my name is Natalie and I’m 10 years old. I really like the house you made and I want to build it with my stepdad for my birthday. Since we are stuck at home during this hard time in our world, I think it’s the perfect time since he can’t work and I can’t go to school. Would you please share the blue prints with us and let us know how much? [email protected]
    I really, really think your playhouse is great!

    Natalie ?

    • Heidi

    Could you please send the blue prints to [email protected]? Would love to have something similar in our back yard ?

    • Victoria

    Beautiful plans! Is it possible to get the plans? We are looking to build a playhouse and really love this one!

    • Victoria

    Sorry, email is victoriaahains@ Gmail.com

    • Diane

    Hello…are you sharing the blueprint for this? Or can you help direct us on how to find the design?


    • John

    Hi. Do you have blueprints available for use? Love your play house and would like to make it for our kids.

    • Jensen

    What are the paint and stain colors?

    • Christina Domenichini

    Do you have the blueprint?


    • Nick

    Hello. We love your playhouse! Are you willing to share design blueprints? If so, can you please send a copy to us?

    Thank you.

    • Danny zuniga

    Blue prints to [email protected], this is awesome, mine will be pink for two princesses ?, let me know price, and material list would be great too

    • Erica Virgie

    We would love to purchase blueprints! This is an amazing playhouse! Bravo!

    • Jack Sandner

    Your house is awesome! I’d love to build this for my two granddaughters. Do you have anything that would help regarding plans? Of course I too, would pay for them. Otherwise, I’ll have to go through the creative process like you guys did. Great job.
    Thanks, Jack

    • Scott Mabee

    Same here, looking for dimensions and blueprints if you have them.

    Looks awesome!


    • Sarah

    Hi there! The playhouse is a dream, would you be able to sell the blueprints or direct me to where I can find them? My email is [email protected]

    Thank you,

    • Erik

    Love it! Can you email the blueprints or cut list? Thank you!

    • Christopher Fullarton

    Please share the blueprints for the playhouse!

    • Martha

    Hello, how would I be able to get the blue prints and list of items needed?

    • Amy

    Do you have the blue print and supply list for this playhouse? Thank you!

    • Jason Criss

    We would also love the blueprints. Will purchase if selling.

    • JRiley

    Did blueprints ever get posted by any chance?

    • Nikolay Yanev

    Can you share the blueprints?

    • Sian

    really really like this play house, do you sell your blue print?

    • Becky

    I see a lot of requests for blueprints but no response from the blogger, was any info provided? We are going to build this as well and blueprints or any info would be awesome!

    • Sara Fochs

    I am very interested in getting the blue prints and material list for this amazing playhouse. Please contact me at [email protected] with info on how to purchase this plan!


    • Laura Montes

    You’ve done a beautiful playhose, my daughter is begging me to build it for her. Could you please share with us the blueprints for it?
    Thanks a lot

    • Barb J

    Please add me to the blueprint list and supplies list! My hubby and I are not terribly handy, but we will give it a shot. Hope we don’t have to call in an expensive contractor to help us. 😀
    Please send to: [email protected]
    Thank you so much!

      • Branden Whittaker

      Love you playhouse design. Can you send me a copy of the blueprints?

    • Dana

    Did anyone have any luck with blueprints? I would love to have them as well! [email protected]

    • Brandon Bowers

    Id love to have the blueprints for this. Awesome build!!!
    [email protected]

    • Misha

    I love it! I d love to have the blueprints for this miniature house.

    • Tasha Thomas

    Do we have to build it by our self or you guys can build it for us because i’m trying to surprise my daughter for her birthday in 5 more months.

    • Angie

    I agree with all previous posts and LOVE this playhouse. Will you please share the dimensions and blueprints?

    • Kevin Keller

    I’m looking to build something very similar for my daughter. Do you have plans that you would be willing to share?

    • Tasha

    So do we have to make it our self or you guys make it for us and we pay you

    • melissa

    Could I also get a copy of the blueprints and material list? Thank you!!

    • Bran

    Could I also get a copy of the blueprints and material list? Thank you!!

    • Jess

    Did anyone ever find out the paint colors? If so please send my way!!

    • J G

    I would like to build this for my grand children ! Could I get the blue prints for this project?

    • FK

    can I have the blue prints I am building this.

    • FK

    can I have the blue prints I am building this.6

    • Mike

    Would you be willing to share the blueprint?

    • Leeaura Sanders

    I would love to have the blueprints as well! This is exactly what I have been looking for to build for my 2 smalls now that we are in our forever home!!

      • Elyse

      Hey! We’re you able to get the plans for this?

    • Aliscia Williams

    This is lovely can you please share the blue prints my littles will love this!

    • aileen

    Hi, I am looking to see if I could obtain the blue print for this layout would love to surprise my littles one.

    • Elyse Ryan

    Has anyone gotten the plans for this?!

    • Rod Morine

    I am interested in building a good playhouse for my two children (4 and 6 year old boy and girl) and this plan the ourfauxfarmhouse seems ideal. What are the costs for the plans? Thanks in advance for your consideration of my request.

    • Jayn McLennan

    Blueprints please. Send to [email protected] . I’d be willing to pay for them. Please get back to me ASAP