Are you ready to make a farmhouse table? This table is 7 ft long and seats 8. Let’s do this, friends!

Part I: The Materials and Cut List

?Lumber (5) 2x10x10′ (1) 2x12x10′ (4) 2x4x8′
(2) 4x4x8′-for the legs (1) box of 2.5″ screws

✂️Cut List (for 84″ table top)

  • (5) 2×10’s cut to 61 1/4″
  • (2) 2×12’s cut to 46 3/8″
  • (Two) 2×4’s cut to 38 3/8″ (at a 45 degree angle)
  • (2) 2×4’s cut to 76″ (at a 45 degree angle)
  • All 4×4’s cut to 28.5″ each (for the legs)

Part 2: Farmhouse Table Instructions-

Cut the 5 middle pieces and lay side to side. Measure total width. Should be 46 3/8 but might vary based on straightness of wood. Cut your 2×12 end pieces to width of the 5 boards. Cut two 2x4s to 35 3/8″ and center them on 2×12 and ends of 2x10s on both sides. Secure with screws from underneath.

Cut two 2x4s to 76″ at a 45 degree miter, with 76″ being from outside miters. Center these 2x4s from the long ends of the table and butt them up to your 46 3/8 joiner 2x4s. These pieces act as your skirting on the long side. Cut two 2x4s at 38 3/8″ at a 45 degree miter and these become your end skirting. Toenail the mitered corners together with screws. Measure inside to inside of the long skirting and cut three 2x4s to length to use as equally spaced braces underneath. Secure them to each side of the long skirting 2x4s. Flip the table over and secure the tabletop down to all the bracing and skirting underneath. Use wood filler to putty screw holes. Use a mouse sander with 120 grit sandpaper to sand wood filler flush and tabletop to smoothness liking.

? Please note, on the table shown a few posts back we did not make the legs, we bought vintage sawhorses and used those. The 4×4’s from the materials list serve as very simple legs-but of course there are tons of other fun ideas out there! .

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    • Justin

    Hi there! What color stain did you use for this tabletop? Looks great!

    • Ashley

    What is the stain color?

    • Jon

    Table looks great but that Douglas fir wood at Lowe’s is not easy to work with when it comes to staining. What kind of stain did you use and did you use a wood conditioner first?

    • Alexis Marshall

    Hi, Where are the chairs from?? I am going for this look but cannot find the chairs anywhere! Thanks!

      • Sherry

      Did you try Pier 1 ?? For the chairs

    • ASH Green

    Wow 🙂
    This is an incredible collection of ideas!
    Waiting for more helpful pieces.
    You would amazing to read a similar one here-
    farmhouseall blog

    • Sam

    How wide is this table?

    • Bill

    Using pocket hole screws on the top is totally wrong. Wood expands and contracts throughout the season, thus putting stress on screws and eventually going to crack. Stop teaching this ridiculous way of building a top, also the breadboards the same

    • Mark Reeder

    Hey Bill, If you are going to make a statement like that, why don’t you give a recommendation for how to do it another way that you deem acceptable? Or are you just here to hate?

    • Rachel Dorr

    How did you fasten the 2×4 apron to the table top? I didn’t see where you said it and I’m getting to that point.

    • Tina Hickman

    I am very interested in the Captain’s chairs. I have seen some online but not close enough to these. Where did they come from?

    • Bret Devoe

    Very beautiful table I think I’m gonna build one like it but Im gonna downsize the lumber a little bit, the 2 X 12s will become 2 X 10s and the2 X10s will become 2 X 8s so I can make a smaller table and it’ll still be dimensional like the bigger one

      • Brad and Holly Lauritzen

      Can’t wait to see!