Now that the kids are back in school, I’m reminiscing on all the precious family moments we shared at a vacation destination so close to our own home. Today on the blog, I’ll be discussing our experience at the Gaylord Opryland Resort to help you decide if it’s your next family trip!

What Is The Gaylord Opryland Resort?

Family Staycation At The Gaylord Opryland Resort

The Gaylord Opryland Resort is a lavish waterpark and resort combination located in the heart of Nashville. Now being able to call ourselves Tennessee experts, trust me when I say this part of the state is unlike anything else in the country- it’s a slice of paradise!

The moment you step foot into the Gaylord Opryland, you’ll realize this resort is nothing you’ve ever experienced before. It is truly the ultimate family vacation all in one place.

From aquatic attractions to endless entertainment options, the Gaylord Opryland is designed to be an entire experience. During our whole weekend trip, we stayed on property under one massive roof. Being one of the 30 largest hotels in the world, we feel extra lucky it is right in our own backyard.

Our Room Accommodations

We experienced almost every room option available to fit our family of six. No matter what size, everyone felt comfortable and relaxed during the weekend.

We booked the parlor room and queen bed guest rooms for all the kids. Trust me when I say, these are spaces designed for luxury. In a blink of an eye, everyone had thrown their stuff down to lounge on the squishy bedding or take a peek on the terrace. 

As for Brad and I, our guest room with a king sized bed was one of the best hotel rooms we’ve ever stayed in! More important than the room itself was the stunning atrium views from our balcony. It felt like we were transported into a greenhouse!

On the ride over, we previously discussed relaxing a bit in the rooms to unwind from the drive. That plan went out the window about ten minutes in. Everyone was just too excited to explore!

What To Do At The Gaylord Opryland Resort

Now onto the real reason for this staycation: having a blast doing all the activities! With so many activities to try, we decided to take a family vote on everyone’s top choices. Here is a breakdown of our absolute must-do’s:

Gaylord Opryland Soundwaves

Above anything else you can do at the Gaylord Opryland Resort, I recommend booking the package to experience the Soundwaves water park. Before I go into more detail, I want you to clear your mind of any subpar water park you’ve ever experienced. Soundwaves takes the idea of a water park, but elevates it to a whole new level.

All of their rides and water activities are meant to seamlessly flow into the living walls and plant beds. It’s the ultimate combination of appreciating nature’s beauty and having a great time!

While I could go into detail on every aspect of Soundwaves, here are a few of our family’s favorite attractions:

  • Lily pad jumping
  • Lounging at the pool
  • Every waterslide available

No matter what your family decides to do at Soundwaves, I promise you it will be fun you’ll remember forever.

Penny Pressing

No family trip is complete without a pressed penny to commemorate our time together. This is a time-honored tradition we all love, but it can be hard to find a penny pressing machine these days! The Nashville emblem is now proudly displayed on a shiny penny that sits on our son’s dresser.

Experiencing The Atrium’s Beauty

Gaylord Opryland Resort Water Show In Atrium

Brad and I were thrilled to see all of the Gaylord Opryland’s living plants, but what I didn’t expect was how much my kids loved them too! Our days consisted of many long strolls around the resort just taking in the indoor nature.

On Saturday evening, we took a night time boat sail to see their combination of lights, entertainment, and the plants. It was truly an experience to remember. 

No matter how young or old your family is, I promise you will all want to slow down and just enjoy being surrounded by the atrium’s beauty.

Gaylord Opryland Resort: Our Final Thoughts

Gaylord Opryland Resort Family Stroll Of Atrium

To put it simply, we are kicking ourselves that we haven’t come here sooner! Of all the family trips we’ve gone on over the years, this one felt extra special. It was the perfect end to the summer of family fun.

If you are even considering giving the Gaylord Opryland Resort a try, I urge you to just do it! Whether it be a day pass or a whole weekend getaway, your family will create memories you’ll cherish forever.

If you do end up deciding to visit the Gaylord Opryland Resort, please let us know in the comments! And to keep up with all things Our Faux Farmhouse, check out our recent posts:

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