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What Is A Farmhouse Kitchen?

It’s no secret we love the farmhouse style, but what does that look like in a kitchen? When I envision a farmhouse kitchen, I see a mom mixing cookie dough while her kids run around her feet, grandma kneading bread on a butcher block countertop, or a couple mixing pancake batter on a lazy morning. It’s a combination of natural textures, soothing colors, and industrial elements that make for a welcoming kitchen you’re eager to use and make memories in.

Elements for the Perfect Farmhouse Kitchen

These are some of my favorite farmhouse kitchen elements. But of course, there are no rules! Experiment with details you love, and find a look that’s uniquely yours! I love a more modern take on the farmhouse look. But the good news is – you can take an entirely different spin to suite your home’s style.

The Classic Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

There’s no feature that screams “farmhouse” quite like the traditional farmhouse sink. For a classic look, go with a solid white porcelain sink. If you want to put a modern spin on it, try different colors or even materials, like copper. Just be sure to read up on how to clean your farmhouse sink before committing to a material.

Rustic & Modern Textures

Farmhouse kitchens live right at the intersection of classic and industrial. Experiment with rustic and modern textures like a matte black light fixture with a thick, old glass bulb or a solid white countertop alongside natural wood cabinets. You can also try adding baskets, woven hand towels, or a cheesecloth table runner. The more textures, the more visual intrigue, so don’t be afraid to play around!

Neutral & Natural Colors

Maybe it’s an unpopular opinion, but I don’t believe a this style of kitchen has to be all white! If you want a bit more dimension, go with neutrals and nature-inspired colors, like powder blue or sage green. These can add a bit of pop without overpowering the space.

Touches of Greenery

If you’ve spent any time scrolling “farmhouse kitchen inspo” on Pinterest, you might have noticed that every kitchen on there is styled with touches of greenery. While it’s not required, a bit of green can add a lot of life to your farmhouse kitchen. Even a single potted plant or a bundle of dried herbs can give the space that down-home, farm-to-table feel. (And if you have a black thumb, there’s no shame in going with artificial plants!)

Natural Wood Tones

In a farmhouse kitchen, the more butcher block, the better! Natural wood tones–in your countertops, cutting boards, and even overhead beams–add to the homemade feel of a space. Just be sure to pick a single tone and keep it consistent throughout the kitchen. If there’s no obvious space to add natural wood, hang some exposed shelves or layer a few cutting boards on the countertop. Even a little can go a long way in creating that classic farmhouse feel!

Space to Gather

Your kitchen is meant to be used! To me, a farmhouse kitchen is a warm, inviting space that encourages friends and family to gather and create memories. Try adding seating at your island or bar to make the space more welcoming. Keep counters clear for collaborative cooking and baking. And above all else, design a space that you’re excited to spend time in.

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The best part about a farmhouse kitchen? It’s timeless! They’ve been around for a hundred years, and I’m confident they’ll be here for a hundred more. What memories are you going to make in yours?

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