Farmhouse Playhouse- Joanna Gaines

Now how to tell the kids that this is actually Mom’s farmhouse playhouse…

Have you checked your Target clearance aisle lately? Found this farmhouse playhouse 75% off after Christmas, bringing it to $37.50 (from $150).

The Real Farmhouse Playhouse

Our actual farmhouse playhouse sits in a cozy corner in our backyard. When we lived at our old home, I asked Brad to build a platform for the kids to play and use their imaginations. Instead he built an entire house, complete with air conditioning and a Roku TV.

This house took us 6 months to complete. But Brad took every chance he could to involve the boys along the way. He paid such close attention to detail. Made me excited to build a real house one day.

It really was like building a miniature house…with electricity, a/c (a must for the Texas summer heat). The only thing we’re missing is a water line. We wanted it tall enough for Mom and Dad to be in there without crouching but then we realized we were wasting a lot of space. So the loft was a pleasant afterthought. That’s where our kids hangout and watch their shows on the Roku My favorite part of the playhouse is the vintage locker baskets on the wall. Who would’ve known the same baskets we used in junior high PE would be so popular 25 years later?? I would’ve kept mine! I paid about $30 each for these at an antique store in town. 😝 And of course I channeled my inner Joanna Gaines and used metal pipes for the railing, ladder, and desk leg. One note here-pipes (and those dang flanges) are way more expensive than you think they should be.

AND DO YOU WANNA KNOW SOMETHING CRAZY? If our oldest (who’s 13) was to get married and have babies as young as Brad was, we’d have a GRANDBABY playing in this house in just TEN YEARS. Ten. Years. Guys. 🤯

September 8, 2018

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