Here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know about farmhouse sinks!


What Are Farmhouse Sinks?

Farmhouse sinks have grown in popularity in the past few years, but they’ve been around forever! Back in the day, they weren’t connected to plumbing. Instead, you would pour water in manually, wash all your dishes (or even clothes), and then pull a plug at the bottom. The deep design allowed for more water, meaning you could clean more dishes before you needed to drain it.

These days, farmhouse sinks are cropping up in all sorts of styles, from industrial to minimalist to traditional farmhouse. They’re usually paired with a standard, high-necked faucet, and they come in a wide array of colors and materials. They’re versatile, classic, and eye-catching. What’s not to love?

Farmhouse Sinks Pros & Cons


  • Farm sinks are much deeper than a standard sink, meaning more room for soaking large dishes.
  • This is classic addition to your home and can serve as a focal point in your kitchen.
  • They’re quite possibly the easiest way to give your kitchen that farmhouse feel!


  • The install process is a bit trickier than a standard sink, so consult a professional.
  • This is a pricier purchase than a standard sink (but they’re worth the investment, in my opinion).

Farmhouse Sink Sizes

One of the greatest benefits to farmhouse sinks is how deep they are. But not every sink is designed the same, and there are tons of sizes to choose from!

Personally, I recommend a double farmhouse sink. I prefer having a double sink for soaking dishes and washing veggies. A 50/50 farmhouse sink features two sides of the same size, while a 60/40 farmhouse sink features one side that’s slightly bigger than the other. It all comes down to preference!

Farmhouse Sink Materials

Traditionally, farmhouse sinks are made of fireclay, porcelain, or coated cast iron. In my experience, there are far more options for styles, sizes, and shapes when it comes to porcelain sinks. Plus, they’re durable, easy to clean, and classic!

Designing With Farmhouse Sinks

Nothing screams “farmhouse” quite like a farmhouse sink. No matter your unique kitchen design, you can style a farmhouse sink to fit it. Here are a few ideas:

  • Add a touch of texture with a dish towel draped over the front edge.
  • Stick with a classic, high-necked faucet for a clean look.
  • Choose a contrasting color so the sink will pop from the surrounding cabinets.

Some might call them trendy, but I truly believe farmhouse sinks are here to stay! They’re a great way to add some character to an otherwise-boring feature in your kitchen, and they’re just downright functional–the perfect combination!

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