how to make faux beams
how to make faux beams

How We’re Making Faux Beams

The Materials

We opted for red oak for our faux beams. You can also use cedar, which is a lot lighter. When we started this project, cedar was on backorder, so we settled for the red oak. The color is nearly the same, and it’s just a tad bit heavier. In the end, it worked great!

The Design

We decided to go with an even cross in the middle of the ceiling. It might not be the most traditional look for faux beams, but it makes them a true focal point in the room and looks great with the light fixture we chose.

Brad designed the beams as hollow boxes with three sides and 45 degree mitered edges. The edges sit flush with one another, minimizing gaps in the seams. You can  To us, this is the most natural look!

As he put the beams together, Brad also added supports to help the bottom pieces stay on. Not only did it add some structural strength, but it also made it way easier to attach the final pieces.

We also decided not to stain the red oak. The natural wood tone works so well with the rest of our home, and it really adds that rustic farmhouse feel we’re going for.

how to make faux beams

The Extras

Once Brad got the faux beams on the ceiling, we added all the extras! We decided to use crown molding to create a more finished look where the beams met the white ceilings. I also decided to shiplap the ceiling, which Brad was a really good sport about! It turned out to be the most complex part of the process, but the result is even better than I imagined!

Of course, the real star is the fan and light fixture. It adds a modern touch to the room without taking any attention away from the faux beams. We couldn’t be happier!

how to make faux beams

I couldn’t be happier with the way our faux beams turned out. Even if this project didn’t convince you to shiplap your ceiling (I don’t blame you!), I hope it inspired you to experiment with modern farmhouse touches in your own home!

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