Garage Makeover Reveal! It’s done, you guys…can you believe it?! But first, you have to see our before picture!

I never thought there was any hope for our garage but @newageproductsinc saved the day with their unique storage system. It was an abyss before—tools and trash piles EVERYWHERE—but now everything has a place and it is completely organized. This feels like SUCH an accomplishment, I can’t even tell you. ?? Too much to say it’s the garage of our dreams? Nah…go watch the Story Tour (to check out our fave features) and see for yourselves. It’s just dreamy!!! ✨ .

Source: You can find a link to all of these products in our Instagram profile.

Side note, when we tackled this garage makeover project, Brad said goodbye to his very first little tool chest. We got it as a wedding gift 13 years ago from 2 families that pitched in to give Brad a little start. ? It came with a couple of pliers, two screwdrivers, and a hammer. Little did those sweet families know what he’d learn to do with those tools (and many more). He’s now packing this guy up and taking it to a fellow church member’s house to hopefully ignite a little fire within his heart as well. DIY isn’t always fun but it sure is rewarding. Standing back and looking at what you’ve created with your own hands (and knowing how much money you saved while doing it) is oh so fulfilling. Get out there, friends! Start with something simple—like a table or barn door—and GO FOR IT!

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    • Davina Anderson

    I still can’t find this on your Instagram profile- where did you get all the garage makeover stuff? I think I saw it from HomeDepot?