I have been wanting to build the ultimate greenhouse for decades and when the opportunity arose, I ran with it! I knew I wanted everything just right, which included a focal point on the floor. I had seen similar flooring and wanted to give it a try! It was actually my first attempt ever, and I could not be happier with the end result of painting my concrete floors. It was definitely a labor of love! Let’s get into the tutorial, shall we?

Materials For Painting Concrete Floors:

  • Porch & patio floor paint (2 contrasting colors)
  • Paint tray
  • Stencils
  • 9” foam roller x 2
  • Scotch blue painter’s tape
  • Matte concrete sealer

Before we begin, let me introduce myself! I am Rhonda Kaiser with https://southernhomeandfarm.com I chose this project for my greenhouse, which is featured on the Spring 2022 cover of Texas Gardener magazine and inside the Spring 2022 edition of American Farmhouse Style magazine!

I’m so glad you are here and it is such a pleasure to share this DIY with you all!

Steps For Painting Concrete Floors:

1. After the concrete was poured, I let it cure for 30 days*. I then power washed it and allowed it to dry. Next, I painted using a specialized floor paint (I used Behr Premium Floor Coatings, Porch & Patio Floor Paint, in both Slate Gray and Ultra Pure White by Behr Paint.

* Note: a smooth finish on concrete is best for painting.*

2. I purchased 4 large stencil patterns from Cutting Edge Stencils then taped them together to save time rolling, due to the square footage*. I started in the center of the room, around the greenhouse drain. I painted one section, then moved the entire taped stencil pattern first above the drain, then below, allowing each section time to dry before returning to the next. I continually repeated this pattern. By going back and forth, it saved me time!

Be careful not to go too fast or use too much paint, as it can creep under the stencil and smudge. I actually didn’t mind this when it happened, as it added to the vintage charm of the floor, which I was trying to achieve.

* Note: I used a 9” foam roller, with a ½” nap, to apply the white stencil paint.*

3. I finished by spraying the floor with a concrete sealer, in a matte finish (I followed with a clean roller, with a 3/16” nap, to smooth out any bubbles). I then installed wire racks from AceMart for housing my plants.

4. I added a chandelier from Pottery Barn and several items, including antique shutters and a vintage mercantile table found at Round Top Texas Antiques for extra charm.

Here is the end result!…

It was definitely a long process but so worth the wait!

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See additional seasonal greenhouse views below:

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