Although I love the look and modular options available with a Lovesac, I could never justify the cost to replace my perfectly good couch. Finally, an opportunity struck and I was able to add it to our new media room!

Our family loves media rooms and a few months after the move to Nashville, we started to miss the first one in our Austin home: you can see the details here! While I love the original design, I wanted to create an even cozier atmosphere the second time around.

If I want to create the perfect room for my kids to spend time together, it relies on one thing: the perfect sectional! The couch selected for any media room will either make or break the entire space, so it needed to be right. I knew one couch would be up for the job and I immediately jumped on the Lovesac website!

In this post, I will go over all the details of owning a Lovesac Sactional to help you decide if it is next splurge for your home!

gray lovesac sactional in media room

Why A Lovesac Sactional?

There are a million different couches on the market, so it can be extremely difficult to find one to fit your needs. Other than the great reviews, what drew us to Lovesac is their branding as “the world’s most adaptable couch”.

The Lovesac sactional offers:

  • Machine washable covers
  • Countless ways to rearrange each block
  • 200+ cover options to change the look
  • A lifetime quality guarantee

For our family of seven, this couch is worth every penny. Being able to rearrange or add to the base model ensures a lifetime of longevity in our home. Plus, the option for new covers if we ever redesign.

We want the media room to give off immediate warmth and comfort, so the Lovesoft fill and gray covers were the perfect choice. Officially, our perfect couch was on its way!

The Delivery and Unboxing

An immediate plus is that shipping is free from Lovesac, along with a speedy delivery. After two weeks, the couch arrived at our doorstep with zero issues!

As for how the couch is shipped, each sactional part comes packaged in its own box, with every installation piece included as well. Once unboxed, the couch will feel like a giant puzzle- both exciting and a bit intimidating to put together.

The Set Up Process

Now is the fun part: setting up our dream couch design! From the moment the building process starts, Lovesac makes it simple to understand.

The feet of each sactional require twisting in first, followed by putting the covers onto all of the pieces.

Lovesac makes couch stabilizers (called shoes) to ensure each section stays in-line and never shifts. There are a few instances where not every foot of the sectional perfectly connects, but they provide clamps so everything is attached.

For the back of the couch, there are spots left empty in each shoe for the sides to easily connect in. I know it feels complicated at times, so check out this video from the Lovesac website for extra install help.

Finally, the cushions find their home on the sactional and it’s time to call in the family!

Can The Lovesac Sactional Be Cleaned?

Short answer: yes! I was really nervous to test out this aspect of the “adaptable couch” that Lovesac brags about. Oftentimes, a lot of furniture companies claim you can wash covers, but actually require dry cleaning to then only halfway get out the stain. 

With our kids, the opportunity to test this came rather quickly haha. Nothing a quick wash couldn’t fix. I was super impressed. I am absolutely amazed by the hassle-free experience from start to finish. The covers are as easy to wash as linens.

My Final Thoughts

cozy media room

After trying countless home products over the years, trust me when I say Lovesac is the real deal. We are so blown away by how durable this sofa is, even with our crew who is hard on furniture. Movie nights happen every single week and I’m reminded how much I love our Lovesac sectional!

Above all, it is exciting to have new design configurations available, plus the option to add even more blocks in the future.

If you do decide to purchase your own Lovesac, or already own one you love, let us know in the comments!

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