Making Our Smart Home–with The Home Depot

I’ve mentioned before that our word for this year is “simplify” and I’m on a mission to find products that will help me do just that!  With the help of Home Depot’s smart home eco-systems I was able to find a handful of products that make our everyday life SO MUCH EASIER!


The first product in making our smart home was this Roav Bolt Google Assistant Car Charger.  I really didn’t think that a “little car charger” could change my life…but alas, it is a total game changer!  

This smart car chargerbrings the power of Google Assistant to your car! It can stream music, make calls, and get directions hands free. It also has 2 ports for high speed device charging—which is a total life saver because it seems like every time I hop in the car my phone battery is just about to die. I just really appreciate the ability to truly be hands-free while driving my family to and fro.  There are so many distractions on the road, my phone is no longer one of them…and THAT is priceless! 


The next product I found that makes our life easier is the Tile Mate.  How many of you lose your keys…or wallet…or bag/purse ON THE DAILY? If you raised your hand (I raised both of mine) then this product is for you (me)! 

The set-up was extremely easy and now when I’m running around my house, frazzled because I’m not sure where I (or the hubby, or kids) set the keys, all I have to do is “call” my keys! You can even connect your phone to a Tile Mateand it will will ring EVEN when it’s set to silent.  How many times have you searched for your phone and it’s on vibrate so you make everyone in your house STOP MOVING so you can hear that faint buzz?! It’s maniacal…why are the keys always in the strangest places?? The battery runs for one year with no upkeep and has replaceable batteries.  Bless the company who invented this!


The next two items literally prevented us from having to splurge on new TVs this Christmas.  It smartened our TV’s right up!! Thank you, Roku Streaming Sticks! 

We connected these two Roku streaming devices (the Streaming Stick Plusand Roku Premiere) on two of our existing TV’s and now we’re able to watch all of our favorite apps! With these streaming devices you’re able to access over 1,000 entertainment apps.  Per the Roku landing page on Home Depot’s website, “It outputs at up to 4K resolution with HDR on compatible displays for an enhanced viewing experience.” We no longer feel the need to upgrade our entire TV unit, just to be able to access our fave apps.  The affordability quite literally extended the life our of TVs. 

If you’re looking more along the lines of home security, check out our post HERE about our home security system.

January 17, 2020

  1. Michelle M. says:

    These are fantastic!!! I’m definitely going to look for the car charger! My Hubby’s truck is an older one, so this will be very helpful for him.
    Thanks for the tips! 👍😊👍

  2. Heidi Worthey says:

    I am so excited about the car charger. Having the google assistance in the car would be amazing. Thanks for sharing. We have a Roku and love it!

  3. Michelle Corson says:

    I wish I knew lore about the roku! I don’t understand it and everyone I ask doesn’t have the answers to my questions hahaha
    Can you watch “live” TV?
    For instance 8pm I want to watch something on NBC do I have to wait until tomorrow to see it?
    Can I still get my local 5 o’clock news?
    Does it have a DVR?
    So much I don’t know or understand… I’m only 34 years old I feel like my grandmother 😉

  4. Michelle Miller says:

    The cream and grey rug in picture…. where did you GET??? I have been looking over a month for one like that!!!!

  5. Jenni says:

    We have the roku and love it! I got the tile for my mom a few years ago cause she loses everything. And it looks like I am in need of some tiles too. Gonna look into that smart car charger. Thanks for the ideas!

  6. Judy says:

    Picture frame around the TV! That’s a good idea. Any tutorials on that? Thank you!

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