We’ve done a few fun things to our “spec” home Master Bedroom: designer paint, a feature wall, DIY furniture and a sliding barn door. One of the things we chose not to upgrade during the build process was the flooring, and it was something we’d been wanting to change, but hadn’t found the right product yet. We did a lot of research on vinyl flooring and were pleased to find Lifeproof Sheet Vinyl flooring at The Home Depot. It was the right price point and the color selection was exactly what we were wanting. We chose the color Restored Rosewood and were so glad to see they made a natural looking wood choice that fit the style of our bedroom.

Although we originally had carpet in our bedroom, we knew we would soon want to switch out the flooring to a) better fit our style and b) to safeguard against a puppy stains and natural wear and tear with little ones. We loved the fact this sheet vinyl flooring is stain, scuff and scratch-resistant and super easy to clean. That’s our kind of flooring!

Materials for Sheet Vinyl Installation



Faux Farmhouse Flooring Makeover with Lifeproof Sheet Vinyl

The first thing we did was remove the carpet and got it all cleaned up! It’s important to clean the concrete (or wooden sub-flooring) as well as you can before applying the adhesive. That means you’ll need to remove all tack strips (if you removed carpet like we did) and scrape up any existing concrete splatters or other bumps in the ground.

Faux Farmhouse Flooring Makeover with Lifeproof Sheet Vinyl

Sweep it all up and you’re ready to lay the vinyl.


Faux Farmhouse Flooring Makeover with Lifeproof Sheet Vinyl

When you purchase the flooring it comes with a helpful installation guide that tells you exactly what type of adhesive and tools you’ll need. First, you’ll cut the vinyl for the exact space you need. This can easily be done with a simple utility knife.


Faux Farmhouse Flooring Makeover with Lifeproof Sheet Vinyl

Unless your room is perfectly square or rectangular and less than 12 ft. Wide (since that’s the width it comes), there will naturally be seams when laying this type of sheet vinyl. Be aware of your pattern and try your best to line it up with the existing pattern. Since this wood has a textured appearance, it is VERY forgiving in that regard.


Faux Farmhouse Flooring Makeover with Lifeproof Sheet Vinyl

Then you’ll apply the adhesive in a thin layer using a u-shaped trowel, in two foot sections at a time. You’ll spread the adhesive, then roll out the vinyl over top every two feet. Glue, Roll, Repeat.


Faux Farmhouse Flooring Makeover with Lifeproof Sheet Vinyl

You’ll want to keep a close eye on air bubbles as you go. These will occur and are to be expected. Once you find one, simply use this rolling tool to guide the air out towards the edges.


Faux Farmhouse Flooring Makeover with Lifeproof Sheet Vinyl

If you would have told us that THIS was sheet vinyl we would have never believed you! In fact, we were skeptical of the even the words ‘sheet vinyl’ but boy, were we wrong! And we’re glad we were, because this is our favorite flooring in the whole house. It is the most heavily detailed, textured sheet vinyl we have ever seen.

Faux Farmhouse Flooring Makeover with Lifeproof Sheet Vinyl

It completes our master bedroom, and although we took the carpet out, we added SO MUCH WARMTH with the character of this ‘Restored Rosewood’ selection by Lifeproof. It completely enhances the space and was a total home run when taking into account cost, ease of install and maintenance.

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    • Cali McKenney

    Thanks for sharing! I think I have the courage to try this in my kiddos room!

      • Michele Calhoun

      Hi! This is genius, not like your mother’s vinyl flooring! Can this go over an existing tile kitchen floor? The tiles are large squares and expensive to remove. Thanks!

    • Jennifer

    I’ve been debating sheet vinyl. It isn’t my first choice but have been looking at it as an option as we save. Seeing this had made me think it’s the way to go. What do you have in the rest of the house?

    • Misty Waters

    Do you think it would be hard to cut for a bathroom or laundry room?

    • Angela

    This was one of my fave projects of y’alls.
    And Ps- I was team paint it the whole time! ?

    • Greyson Lohrey

    Hello Holly!
    I love your new website and am a follower of yours over on Instagram. I absolutely love this flooring idea for my master bedroom and my husband and I have been to see it in person and it is lovely. My only question is how does it hold up with sweet Milo’s nails? I have 2 husky mixes and would hate to see my new floors scratched up! Thank you!


    • Heather

    Were giving this project a go this weekend on our basement bathroom. Thanks for your tips!

    • Veronica Dominguez

    You all inspire the heck out of me! Can’t wait to try this board and batten wall along with the sheet vinyl flooring! Thanks for sharing your journey 🙂

    • Katie Jo

    Can you explain the difference in why this would be better than say pergo? We have pergo on the main floor of our home and were talking about doing the upstairs too….But danggg girl…. I’m loving this look way better. The trick is convincing my husband this is the way to go. Gimme the deets haha

    • Terri

    Hi! I’m refreshing my bedroom set. Where is your bed from?

    • Carpets Calgary

    Hey! This is so relatable! We just removed our carpets and replaced them with vinyl sheets. The rooms look so much more spacious now. I’m glad we took this decision. We’re loving this new cool flooring.

    • Shelly Hopper

    Can this be places over tile flooring? Is this considered waterproof for entire home (kitchen, laundry and bathrooms)? Thank you!

    • Theresa

    Beautiful! Where was the grey bed frame purchased? Do you have a link? Thanks!

    • ATX Stained Concrete

    Awesome! Looks really good and cool.

    • Epoxy refinishes

    The grey bed frame look great ! thanks for sharing such a helpful post. I really appreciat

    • Katie Taylor

    I can’t believe how amazing this looks! I wanted this type of flooring for our bathroom but wasn’t sure how it would look. After seeing how great your turned out, I’m much more inclined to give it a try! Thanks for sharing!

    • Landon “Wood Expert” Edgington

    This looks great! Not just the floor but also your bedroom itself. I might consider an interior designer for my bedroom then once I’m finished with my flooring. Thanks for the tips!

    • Mike Venerus

    What colour is that on the feature wall?

    • Cathiejo

    What is paint color behind bed?

      • Brad and Holly Lauritzen

      I believe so!