Do you have a room in your house that has never been touched? Builder-grade basic, beige everywhere, devoid of any character? That was our media room upstairs.  We were SO excited to buy this house because of the media room, but for the past few years other projects took precedence and we weren’t able to touch it…until now! 


This is the space before…nothing wrong with it but just SO bland! It was serving as an extra guest room too, which added to the awkwardness of this space. 

We knew we wanted this space to be moody and masculine.  We also knew that we could find EVERYTHING we needed to complete this space from I can’t tell you how nice it is to be able to shop for an entire room from just one website! Their online shopping experience is a dream. I love not having to look anywhere else—with their large selection of home goods I know they’re bound to have just what I’m looking for.

Let’s start putting the room together!


First, we painted the room Binary Star by Behr Paint, using their Marquee formula—which is our preferred paint base and coats the very best.

We also added fun feature walls to the front and back of the media room. These walls were super easy to create—and we’ll share those DIY tutorials in another blog post coming soon.


On the focal wall, we added a wooden slat wall and this Home Decorator’s Collection Media Console to house all of the electronics.  Since this is a media room there are a LOT, but this media console can handle the job of storing all of the gadgets WHILE looking super pretty! I love the muted distressing and the design of the wood carving. 


For seating we chose two of these UBER FUNCTIONAL Sectionals.

Due to how long and narrow this room is, we put these right up against each other to create one long mega couch! They’re definitely on the firm side, but the storage can’t be beat.  I showed these in-depth in my Instagram stories (look for the highlight titled ‘Media Room Makeover Home Depot’) but basically these are the most functional couches—with storage under the chaise lounges and ottomans that pop up from under, serving as a foot lounge OR a small bed—these couches are exactly what we needed for this space!


For the side wall, we really wanted warm, moody, modern lighting and these iron Home Decorator’s wall sconces fit that description perfectly. The soft amber glow of the light really helps set that ambiance that we were looking for in a theater room.  We paired those with this Wall Art (Bear Canvas) that is a whopping 54” x 54” wall hanging.  Did you know that Home Depot had all of this cool home décor to choose from? That bear honestly completes the space—and could really work in so many spaces.  I think it could also look great in a bedroom above a bed too!

The Rug we chose for this space is a large one—9×12’—and we have a HACK for you! Have you ever tried laying a rug on top of carpet?  It honestly doesn’t work.  Especially when you have heavy furniture on top of it.  It ALWAYS gets swirly and bunches up.  A while back, after trying every rug tape that ever lived, we decided to try screwing the rug into the floorboard.  And you know what?! It worked!! We removed the screws to see if there was any damage and because of how close the carpet fibers are you can’t even see the hole that was in the floorboard! That’s our hack! Screw it down! (Disclaimer: make sure you’re screwing into wooden sub-flooring.  This room is upstairs, so we have woodent subfloors. This wouldn’t work for us downstairs because we have a concrete slab under our carpet.)


Then, on the back wall Brad built a bar top so we could seat additional guests.  We LOVE these Home Decorators Collection X Back Bar Stools  and the wood tones go perfectly with the natural wood we have there with the bartop.


My favorite part of any space is adding warmth and texture with items like pillows and throw blankets.  It’s the easiest way to refresh a space in a snap! Here on the couches we added a few Tassle Throw Pillows and Faux Feather Throw Pillows. Also, a super soft Faux Fur Throw Blanket . These are all items that can be inter-changed with different seasons. Plus, they’re a great way to jazz up your space!

That’s quite the makeover!! We took this space from builder-grade basic to fully decked out with everything we needed from The Home Depot! #sponsored #homedepotpartner


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    • Cori

    Turned out so nice!! Love all the little details. Any chance I can hire you guys to come out and finish my media room?? ?

    • Malia

    Very impressive!!! Love what you did with the space. Color, set up and functionality is on point!! ❤

    • Danielle

    Looks absolutely amazing! What is the comfort level of the couch?

    • Meredith

    Can you tell us or show us how he built that Bar table please!!! The whole room is awesome!!

      • Alicia Costner

      I agree!! Wanting to do something very similar and would love a guide on how to make the bar table!

    • Jazzmin

    Such a great space! I second (and third and fourth and fifth) a tutorial on that amazing bar behind the couch.

    • Terri Webb

    We need a tutorial on that bar PLEASE!!!! And sources pretty please?!? This room is fabulous! Who knew HD had such great stuff?!

    • Lindsey

    10/10 amazing work!! You both are so talented and really have a eye for this. We have been working on a room in our house and our last two Friday nights have been at home depot (yes that includes Valentine’s Day, lol) and each time we are there I’m thinking of you two. Thanks for all the inspiration! Currently looking for a light grey, any suggestions? Oh and btw I just bought my first bag of Dots pretzels and the family is hooked!! xx Lindsey #influencedinthebestway

      • Robert Saunders

      What is the size of the room?

    • Jessica Brady

    My favorite part is the wall behind the bar! I need to do that in my house somewhere!

      • trisha

      Yes.. how did you do the wall?

    • Breanne

    Definitely need that bar tutorial as well! Wanting to create an outdoor bar similar behind a built in outdoor kitchen counter for some seating and entertaining and this would be perfect!

    • Nicole Johnston

    Loving this space, it’s given me some great ideas. Would love to know how much space you have behind the couch to the wall to comfortably fit the bar table and chairs? Thanks, great work!

    • laura

    So good! I didn’t realize Home Depot had all those things! This is beautiful and functional

    • Karen

    It is beautiful. A tutorial on the bar please??? I really want to add this to our space!

    • Andrea

    Do you have a link to the exact cabinets at Home Depot? I was looking for that link but couldn’t find it. Did I miss it in there?

    • Ragan Ferruccio

    Love it!!! Yes! Please do a tutorial on the bar table! We have a 23 person couch and would love to build this as well for one side.

    • Amy

    Need the bar top info … stories? Love this room!! Great family space.

    • Rayna

    Looks AMAZING! Im with everyone else… Brad we need a Bar table tutorial!!! Great job ya’ll… Please let me know if you ever come to San Antonio and need a space to “work” on!?

    • Erin

    Love it! I’m going to need a tutorial on the couch bar table! Love your style!

    • Jenni

    This is such a dreamy room! You two really know your stuff and Home Depot has the best decor! Thanks for the inspiration and crazy good DIYs.

      • Veronica

      Hello! Can u show us how he built the bar … what he used ?

    • Karine Kopronica

    Great job!!! Looks awesome. Guessing the rug came from….?

    • Justine

    Curious about your cabinets. I know they are from Home Depot but can’t remember. Were they the unfinished ones? Love how this room turned out by the way! That bar is phenomenal! ?

    • Susane Banissi

    Love this makeover! Have you posted the slat wall DIY yet? I can’t seem to find it and I’m DIYing to know how! *dad joke*

    • Karen

    Do you know the room dimensions?

    • Jessica Hundley

    Love this! Can you link the cabinets and tops? Also, any advice for painting them? Thank you!

    • Tory

    What are the dimensions of the room?

    • Chaddie Ann Evans

    Can you tell me what type of cabinets you used in your media room as well as the mini beverage fridge? Any links available for those two items. Thank you

    • Sania

    Plz share how u made ur table behind the couch. Loved it.

      • Dianna

      Do you have a DIY tutorial for the couch bar? I love it! I want my husband to build one for our media room.

    • Courtney

    Where is that couch from? What brand is it? Beautiful room!

    • Andrew

    Very impressive! Love all the tiny details. Color and set up is just awesome. What is the comfort level of your couch? What are the dimensions of the room? What brand and where is that couch from? Please let me know. Thank you, amazing work!

    • Carola

    How big is your screen. Did you install speakers in the wall or ceilings?

    • Damien Cruz

    I am impressed with your work. You made a fantastic transformation to the media room makeover. I will try to apply it to my media room as well. All the photos are stunning and gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the excellent work.

    • Juan Martinez

    Lovely media room makeover! It looks awesome and cool. I loved all the stunning photos. I will definitely give it a try. Thank you so much for sharing.

    • Fabian Acevedo

    This is an amazing transformation, Holly! I really loved it. Thanks for sharing.

    • Mandy

    My favorite part is the accent dark gray wall on the back. It looks amazing, I been wanting to create one like that for my library room up in the loft. You guys are so talented!

    • Brittany

    Did I miss where you talked about the hardware Brad used for the bar top? I’d love to get my hubby to make us one!

    • Jeri Mumford

    Where did you get those little tables in between your seating? I need something like that, so the kids can eat while sitting watching a movie.

    • Concrete Iowa City

    The results look amazing! I’d have liked to see the before pictures because this looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing!

    • Karla

    Hi, do you have a link on how you made the table behind the couch. I love it sooo much!