Adding Modern Stair Railing to Your Home

In most homes, the staircase feels like wasted space. But with the right design, your staircase can add tons of personality and style to your home! Add a modern stair railing, swap out your carpet, or add fun new risers like we did. Get creative with it!

If you’re considering a staircase makeover, keep in mind…

  • This is not a one-day project. At least, it wasn’t for us! Block off at least a weekend to revamp your staircase.
  • Have a safety plan in place. There will inevitably be a day or two when part of your stairs have no railing. If you have small children or pets, have a plan in place for keeping them safe!
  • Understand the demo process. Before we could rip out the old railing, we had to figure out how it was installed. Make sure you understand how your current stairs are build before you deconstruct them.
  • Do your research! There are so many options out there for railing, treads, and risers. Don’t be afraid to try something unique! And of course, brush up on your power tool skills before you start tearing out your stairs.

Our Modern Stair Railing by Viewrail

We researched tons of options before embarking on our staircase remodel. In the end, we chose this modern stair railing by Viewrail. It’s a black iron railing with iron handrails and horizontal rungs. While I would have preferred a wood handrail, we couldn’t find one that matched our floors perfectly. I’m really happy with the clean look of the all-black rails, though!

If you’re adding your own modern stair railing, I highly recommend the Express line from Viewrail. They sell all the pieces individually so you can customize a package for your space. Plus, their customer support is more than happy to help you order all the right pieces. 

Our Full Staircase Makeover

When we decided to add modern stair railing, I knew I wanted to use the opportunity to completely revamp our staircase. We ripped out the carpet, added new light wood treads, and made risers with this fun tile from Riad Tile. Together, all the new elements created a really sleek, unique look!

We couldn’t be happier with how our new staircase turned out! It’s so much more interesting and stylish than the old one. (I’m also grateful I don’t have to vacuum the carpeted stairs anymore!) If you’re looking for an ambitious DIY project, give it a try.

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