That herringbone gets me every time. ? The office remodel is complete and we are LOVING it! Now hold onto your pants…we painted the wall PEPPERCORN (lightened 50%) by @sherwinwilliams. You didn’t see THAT coming, did ya? ? We are super predictable, I know. But ya know what—we are just FEELIN’ Peppercorn lately and love the contrast it gives to the dark gray @ikeausa cabinets. Once we’re over this Peppercorn kick we’ll move on. And you’ll be the first to know. But let’s just enjoy this dark, smoldery color a little while longer, k? Thanks, friends.

Our light is from @purplerosehome??✨

{This wall cost $120 for a 10×13 wall. And it’s 1/2” MDF cut into 6.5” strips} Adding a wood accent wall is my favorite way to make your home feel custom. We’ve done several wood accent walls in our home (including our master bedroom and board & batten hallway), and we love them both!

This office remodel has been one of my favorite projects to date. The computer still hasn’t made it’s way down but when it does this place will basically implode with kid bombs everywhere (why must they eat WHILE playing on the computer?! The crumbs and grubby fingers make me CRAZY). So I’m just gonna sit right here in this perfectly out-turned chair and kick my feet up on the fur foot stool that I still haven’t returned and pretend like my kids are going to listen when Mom says “please don’t take food in the computer room”.

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    • Desi McGahey

    I absolutely adore your office. May I get more information on your desk? I believe it’s from IKEA.

    • Jeni

    Can you let me know where your family sign is from? I love it!

    • Jen

    Do you have any info posted anywhere about your desk? I didn’t find anything on IG…

      • Edwin Buck

      It is clearly an Ikea desk, from the “Ikea hacks” group, which promotes using Ikea components in ways they weren’t planned to be used.

      The top is an Ikea “Karbly” kitchen counter top, the drawers are Ikea “Alex” drawer units.

    • Rhonda

    What size and where did you get your desk top? Found the other pieces at ikea but can’t find the top big enough online. Love the look and will be perfect in our tiny space we are converting into an office for 2.

    • Andrea

    Do you have a tutorial on how to make your family sign?

    • Emili Parmelee

    Wondering if you could give the table top dimensions!

      • Stephanie Ivanick

      Hi there, I am also wondering about the dimensions of the tabletop and if you painted the drawers. Many thanks!

      • Carrie

      She commented 98” IKEA countertop on an Instagram post with the dark gray drawers.

    • Jennifer Sisneros

    LOve your desk top. Where can I find one?

    • Michelle

    Could you tell me if the Alex drawers are the black brown or did you paint them? Also did you buy the table top from ikea too or make it?

      • Penelope

      Hi! I was wondering the same thing. Did you get answers to your questions? Thanks!

    • Diana

    When ordering the paint do we just let them know 50% lightened or did you lighten the paint yourself? Loving this office Inspo! Currently working on mine 🙂

    • Cari Bushey

    Beautiful room! Do you have a link for your area rug? Thank you!

    • Kyndra Tatum

    Hello, This is wonderful. I was wondering where you got your rug? I am in LOVE with it.


    • Caitlin

    Where are your white desk risers from??