Our Faux Farmhouse…Secured

If you’re coming over here from our Instagram feed then you know that for years we have done our own DIY home security…and while you know we LOVE a good DIY this is just something that is best left to the professionals.

Last month, after tons of shopping around, we decided to join forces with ADT (and Safestreeets USA) to bring you a SUPER affordable way to secure your home. And not in just the traditional way you’re probably thinking–with door and motion sensors–but also with things like monitored fire and carbon monoxide detectors, indoor/outdoor cameras, monitored thermostats, doorbell cameras and more!

A basic system takes about 1 hour to install. If you add on things like cameras and thermostats you might want to add on an additional hour to install time.

The thing we love most about this system is how easy it is to control, all from the app. I’m able to set the alarm after I’ve left the house, check in on the kids or dog with the indoor camera, and most importantly, sleep comfortably at night knowing that things like my doors and fire alarm/carbon monoxide detector are all being monitored while I rest. There’s NOTHING more peaceful than that!

Being safe in your home and so important to us. And its important to ADT as well–which is why there’ offering you the same deal they offered me! When you use this link you’ll get not only FREE EQUIPMENT and FREE INSTALL, but a FREE doorbell camera as well!

Pro Tip: Check with your homeowners insurance to see if they offer discounts for home security systems. Lots of times they’ll give discounts that are enough to cover the monthly monitoring fee (which ranges from $39.99-$64.99). It’s a no brainer!

October 31, 2019

  1. Hallie says:

    The man in the last pic looks sooo much like @fullmhouse

  2. Jenni Thomas says:

    Thank you for the homeowner’s insurance tip, it is super helpful for getting my husband on board with updating our (non-existent) security.

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