Playroom Closet COMPLETE! And I couldn’t be happier! Brad really outdid himself on this one. It’s the length of the entire game room wall, has shelves for days, AND a double rail bypass system.

The Playroom Closet Doors

We made these doors using the same plans that I posted a couple of weeks ago—check out that post for the tutorial(ish). He’s gotten QUICK at whipping these out. But instead of using cedar we used whitewood (much cheaper) because we knew we were just painting them vs. staining.

The paint color is Functional Gray by Sherwin Williams. And the wood piece up top is stained with our very favorite ‘Weathered’ One Step Stain by Old Barn Milk Paint. The rails and hardware were purchased at Tractor Supply and spray painted flat black.

Frequently Asked Questions—

1. How big is the space? It’s 136 inches wide. That’s 11’ 6” in dog years. (Brad loves talking numbers with me ?) And we have 10 ft ceilings up there.

2. How big is each door? 34.5” x 8’

3. How deep are the shelves? 18” (made with 1/2” MDF)

4. Where did we get the Double Bypass Barndoor Hardware? From Tractor Supply. They’ll be happy to tell you what you need.

5. How is it secured? With 4” lag bolts screwed into 2-2×12 headers that are sandwiched together. We had this framed during the build process since there was originally no closet in the game room or media room (which are connected).

6. How do we keep it clean/organized? Each kiddo has a set of buckets/bins that are THEIRS. Their toys, their responsibility to clean. So if I see a certain bin out I know which kid was playing up there and I gently guide them back to the playroom to clean it up. That’s a lie. They’re kids and I’m a grumpy mom who craves organization—so there’s usually lots of yelling and gnashing of teeth, but that’s not a pretty picture to paint, now is it?

7. What color are the doors and wall? Doors are Functional Gray by Sherwin Williamsand Walls (in entire house) are Crushed Ice also by SW.

8. Where did we get all the bins? Everything is from Target except the green metal buckets which are from Ikea last summer.

My fave part about the closet is the outer compartments that are tall enough to fit the kids’ bigger toys, like My Little Pony Castles and Little People play sets. Hiding those behind the doors is the real win here.

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    • Megan

    Hi Holly!
    Where did you find the darling table in the playroom?


    • Diane

    Can you share how the shelves were built please?