Quartz Countertop Kitchen Update


It all started with a little laundry room re-vamp last year. It always seems to happen that way. We had The Home Depot install Calacatta Gold Silestone quartz countertops in two little sections of the laundry room. We absolutely loved it, craving more of it in our home!

The kitchen was the PERFECT place for us to stare at it all day long. The previous granite was fine, but earlier last year we installed a built-in banquette and were never able to find the original granite to top it with. After months of searching we found out that it had been discontinued. In order to make the kitchen flow and not feel choppy with mis-matched counters, we decided that this would be the perfect place for the Silestone quartz countertops we loved so much in the laundry room.

Quartz Countertops for a Modern Farmhouse


Selecting the right counter for our family and lifestyle was important to us. In our journey to find matching countertops last year, we did a ton of research on all types of counters. We loved the look of Carrara Marble but didn’t feel as though our young family could handle the maintenance and care that true marble requires. It is a beautiful material, but we knew we’d be unable to keep up with the demands. However, that didn’t mean we had to forfeit the beauty of that natural stone.

Silestone Quartz is a man-made material with a non-porous surface that offers superior performance against staining, scratching, and scorching. It is maintenance free, with no sealing or special cleaners required. And because it’s non-porous it offers a unique combination of antimicrobial, NSF, and Greenguard certifications. All of these specifications sounded perfect for our family! A low maintenance surface that bacteria and viruses couldn’t live on sounded extremely appealing to us!

Quartz Countertops for a Modern Farmhouse


Shortly after you place your order for the quartz countertop, a Home Depot representative contacts you to schedule a “template appointment.” At this appointment, a skilled technician takes exact measurements and draws templates for your space. He also goes over all of the preparatory instructions for install day. He’ll also be able to give you a timeframe for how long fabrication will take (generally three to six weeks). Once fabrication is complete you will be contacted to make an appointment for install. Depending on how big your space is, you’ll want to plan to be home the better portion of the day.

Quartz Countertops for a Modern Farmhouse


The night before install day we cleaned out all of the lower cabinets and drawers as instructed. Most times you will find debris from counter removal, tear out and install of the new material.


Quartz Countertops for a Modern Farmhouse

One of the first things we did when the installer arrived that day was reminded him that we would be keeping our existing backsplash, so to be gentle during rip out. They cannot guarantee that the backsplash won’t be damaged, but we have found that in both times working with The Home Depot on countertop install the installers are always as gentle as possible, resulting in less repairs for us after they leave!


Quartz Countertops for a Modern Farmhouse

One of our favorite parts about selecting counters through The Home Depot is that they often times have sales running for their kitchen counter surfaces. One that is currently running in our area (Austin, TX) is a free-edge upgrade. This means that you can purchase a 2-cm slab and have them upgrade the edge (for free!) to appear 4-cm thick. This is a great way to save money but still have the look of a thicker slab! (Check your local Home Depot for their current promotions.)

Quartz Countertops for a Modern Farmhouse

We love working with The Home Depot for installations because we always know they will do a great job. They handle everything with care, cleaning as they go and constantly seeking your opinion to ensure you’re a part of the process and pleased with how it’s going.


Quartz Countertops for a Modern Farmhouse

We couldn’t be happier with our decision on the low-maintenance Calacatta Gold Silestone quartz countertops from The Home Depot backed by a 25-year warranty. The light gray veining allows for the perfect pop against the clean white surface. It adds just enough warmth and character without moving too far out of that “timeless” category.

Quartz Countertops for a Modern Farmhouse

Our little banquette (who was the troublemaker all last year) suddenly became the hero for nudging us to go with full quartz in the kitchen.

Quartz Countertops for a Modern Farmhouse

First the laundry room, then the kitchen… what’s next? I suspect that over time we will slowly be converting the entire house over to our new favorite material.

April 27, 2019

  1. April says:

    Ahhh these are the same countertops I want!! Love this!!

  2. Kelly Donjon says:

    Where can I find the dining room table and chairs & bench?

  3. Mari T. says:

    My kitchen is being remodeled and I am definitely doing the quartz and backsplash like this. Are your cabinets from the builder or also Home Depot? I also plan to use HD for the entire remodel for the assurance of quality and professionalism. thank you for the inspiration.

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  5. This was a beautiful countertop. I also love the design of your kitchen, it is so simple yet elegant. I also admire those chandeliers of yours, it was so stunning.

  6. Amy says:

    Beautiful! We were starting to gather ideas to remodel and add on to our kitchen and I have been eyeing all of your designs for inspiration! Last week our home and neighborhood flooded so the potential addition will be put on hold :(. I’m wondering if I can just spruce up our current kitchen. What are the dimensions of your kitchen? My layout is very similar to yours so I’m curious if I can make it work! Thanks!

  7. Lindsey says:

    Hi Holly! Can you see/notice the seam at all where they have built out the countertop to appear thicker? We are in the process of ordering countertops and were given the choice of 2cm with the build out (to make 4cm) or 3 cm overall. We can’t decide!

  8. Nicole says:

    What color did you use for your cabinets?

  9. Nicole says:

    What color are your cabinets?

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