If you follow our story, you know that we moved into a new home this spring and have been busy making it our own for our family of seven. You can read all about our move here: Our Multi-State Move with MiniMoves. And of course, with a move comes taking inventory all of your belongings! We knew we wanted to upgrade our living room TV in the new house, so Brad had been researching options for a few months. We decided to try out the Samsung Frame TV we’ve been hearing so much about! Keep reading for our full review of this product.

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What is the Samsung Frame TV?

The Samsung Frame TV is a regular smart TV that also has a really cool feature when the TV is off: the Art Mode. Here you can select a picture from their pre-loaded gallery or upload your own to display on your TV when it is off. No more big black rectangle looming in your living room – that was always one of my pet peeves in the living room! Who wants to see this enormous blank screen in an otherwise beautiful and tranquil space? Not me. Brad didn’t mind through haha!

Gone are the days when we need to second guess where to mount the TV in the living room, now you can actually turn that potential eyesore into a beautiful piece of artwork! The frame TV is backlit, so the picture will always look illuminated no matter the brightness in the room (although it will dim as your room gets darker to appear more natural and gallery-esque).

What are the benefits of Samsung Frame TV?

The Samsung Frame TV is pretty unique, and these are the two main main benefits of buying one:

  • It mounts flush to the wall to give a clean, seamless look (just like a picture frame)
  • When the TV is off you can put it on Art Mode to display artwork or your own pictures
  • With Deco Frames, you can add a unique frame to it to match the aesthetic of your home. Seriously, check these out! We are big fans of this company.

What are the cons of the Samsung Frame TV?

Okay, so as awesome as this TV is, there are two major cons I want to point out. 

  • If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line TV with the highest resolution and latest features, this may not be your best option. Specs are always changing and being re-released, so I’d check around before you buy for those features that are most important to your viewing experience. It’s the prettiest option on the market (in my opinion!), but there are much better TVs out there for an even better price.
  • The TV needs to be installed in a specific way to have it flush against the wall, which means cutting a recessed hole in the wall to hide the electrical box. For experienced home DIYers, like Brad, it isn’t an issue, but if you’re not that interested in cutting into your walls, you’ll want to plan to hire that out or consider whether this TV is going to work for you.
  • The cost. It’s pricey, especially if you want to add a new frame around it. It’s definitely a big purchase!

Deco Frames + Samsung Frame TV = A Perfect Match!

Where To Buy Samsung Frame TVs:

We bought our Frame TV directly from Deco Frames because they have the best prices I’ve seen. Unless you can snag it on sale from Amazon or another retailer – Deco TV Frames is your best bet.

Samsung Frame TV: Is It Worth It?

We really like our Samsung Frame TV and have no regrets about buying it. The fact that it looks like a beautiful piece of artwork when it is off far outweighs the drawback that it is not the highest resolution TV on the market. For us that just wasn’t as important as the general aesthetic it provides to our living room. I do understand how there are mixed reviews about it though! We would not buy this TV for any other room than our main living room because of the expense.

In addition to the preloaded pictures that come with the TV, there are now digital art vendors that offer pictures just for these TVs! I love shopping at BFF Print Shop to buy a collection of prints to add to our frame. 

Thanks for reading this review of the Samsung Frame TV. If you’re looking for DIY inspo for your next home improvement project, follow me on Instagram @ourfauxfarmhouse and say hello!

Here’s to you putting your feet up and enjoying your favorite show!

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