This color has become the new go to in our home- we just can’t get enough of it! Today on the blog, I’ll discuss everything I love about Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze to help you decide if it’s the ideal color choice for your home.

An Award Winning Color Choice

In-Progress Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze Office Cabinets

I know this sounds like it can’t be done, but Urbane Bronze has mastered the daunting task of being both a bold and neutral paint option. While it’s pretty obvious what huge fans we are of this color, this is not an uncommon opinion. 

This shade has become so well loved in the design world, it was named Color Of The Year in 2021. With such a push towards nature-based colors that ground a space, Urbane Bronze has been a leader in creating serenity within a home.

The trick is the balance between heavy black undertones and warm brown undertones. We’ve tried many, many colors that just lean too far one way, resulting in an overwhelming paint choice. Urbane Bronze is not the case.

Just between us, I think the secret is in the little bit of green added to the mixture. It perfectly rounds out the earthy color palette.

Where Can I Buy Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze?

Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze Color Swatch

Just like the massive rush for Sherwin Williams Pewter Green, we have received lots of questions asking where you can purchase Urbane Bronze for yourself. Head over to any Sherwin Williams store to order “Urbane Bronze” without needing any other information.

Don’t have a Sherwin Williams near you? No problem! Any paint store is able to perfectly recreate this stunning shade with the following information:

Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze Hex And RGB Values:

  • R: 86 G: 81 B: 75
  • Hex Value: #56514b
  • LRV: 8.31%

No matter what paint store or brand you choose, the color-matching technology available will make it a breeze to have Urbane Bronze for yourself.

What Colors Pair With Urbane Bronze?

Before I could fully commit to painting anything such a dark color, I researched Urbane Bronze’s coordinating colors. This way, I could ensure the room still felt bright and airy, but not too cold.

Here is my favorite visual aid that helped pull everything together:

Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze Coordinating Color Swatches

One of my all-time favorite paint colors is Sherwin Williams Pewter Green, so after seeing this guide I knew the two would pair perfectly together. To read a complete review of Pewter Green, check out this blog post!

Finally, I felt confident picking up my own gallon of Urbane Bronze. Just a few months later, this color seems to have taken over my whole house!

Our Moody Urbane Bronze Office Cabinets

Finished Office Cabinet Built-In Painted Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze

There is nothing more visually appealing to me than a moody office space. With this idea in mind, Brad and I really wanted to elevate our standard cabinet built-in for something more luxurious.

After hearing all the hype around Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze, this felt like the perfect space to try it out for the first time. It truly was love at first sight!

Although we used two coats to cover it completely, I knew after that first roll of the paint that it was exactly what we wanted. After months of living with this bold neutral on such a large area, we are still so in love with it.

Our Urbane Bronze Range Hood

Although the cabinets were daunting to paint Urbane Bronze because of their large size, the rnage hood felt even more nerve-wracking. We had previously loved our all white kitchen space, but after a while it felt too sterile for our liking. Something needed to pop!

On a complete whim, I decided to jump on the countertop and paint the hood Urbane Bronze. Although I did feel a little bit of remorse after the first brush stroke, the end result was so worth it!

I am still shocked that such an inexpensive DIY delivered jaw-dropping results. I wished I had done it sooner!

My Final Thoughts On Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze

No matter the finish, no matter if it’s used on the exterior or interior, I truly believe Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze is perfect in any home. Whether you love more modern designs or embrace the farmhouse flair like we do, I promise you’ll never regret this paint color.

If you end up using Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze somewhere in your space, please let me know in the comments!

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    • Ede Graves

    do you have a picture of the range hood before you painted it? Was it all white? Did it already have that copper band?

      • Brad and Holly Lauritzen

      Yes! I can add it 🙂

    • Kelli

    We LOVE urban bronze!! We recently built a home and I loved it so much we did a big accent wall, our island, hood and our half bath in it. The accent wall is across from the island and it all came together perfect. I will be honest I was deathly scared I wouldn’t like it but we LOVE it!!