See that void above the cabinets?? Well it’s about to go bye-bye and we’re super excited about it. ???? (We’ll be making stacked cabinets that go above the existing cabinets.) We’ve been wanting to try this DIY since the last house and we’re FINALLY doing it and super stoked to show you the process—we think it’ll be pretty easy. (Brad LOVES IT when I say that ?) And if you watched my stories you’ll know that it’s a DOUBLE WHAMMY DIY because we’ll have to build a taller faux oven hood so we’ll show you how to tackle that too. But again, super easy. (? I crack myself up!) Have any of you done this to your cabinets? Or have WANTED to do this?? Early morning progress pic! It’s coming along…but I may have underestimated the time this would take. ? (Brad inserts >>> “as usual” ??‍♂️) It might be more of like a two weekend project. ? ANYWHOOO, I’ll start posting the videos later today and I’ll save it to highlights. I know it’s a bit premature but I kinda think this is my FAVE DIY so far at this house. I CANNOT wait to show you when it’s all done! Oh! And I found a PAINT MATCH for these custom cabinets. Brad worked his butt off on the stacked cabinets this weekend and I can’t wait to show you the progress. Yep, progress. We’ve now overflowed from being a 2 weekend project to quite possibly a 3 weekender. But the transformation is insane and I can’t wait to show you… Ch ch ch ch changes… >> SNEAK PEEK progress pic <<< What even was life before stacked cabs?? I don’t even know. ??‍♀️ They were MEANT for this space and def “spark joy” (@mariekondo). Lots of questions on if we’ll be putting glass in them. Nope—they’re literally just decorative boxes—faux cabinets. Because…………that’s how we do. #popsiclesticks (refer to stories for reference) PLUS, I can’t reach up there so it would be a pain to store anything. . . Working on the new oven hood as we speak! So excited to show you the design (that will match our new pantry door)! So. Many. Fun. Things. The kitchen cabinets are DONE! We’re skipping out of the office early and putting a big fat check mark next to this one.  I’ll be uploading the rest of the cabinet stories today so watch those if you want more info. But basically—Brad says the most important thing to know about the stacked cabs DIY was that it was MUCH more involved than he ever imagined. “It was a beast”, he says.  On the upside, it only cost us $300 in materials.

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    • MaryKate Demers

    Hello Holly! What a great kitchen!! Will you please share the color of the cabinets? Thanks!

    • Tommie

    Yes.. What is the color of your cabinets?

    • Holly

    What size is the rug under the table?