After trying almost every swimsuit brand on the market, I stumbled across Coral Reef Swim on Instagram. Seeming to know my exact struggles, their swimwear felt too good to be true. Let me be the first to attest- they are the real deal!

Today on the blog, I’m sharing all things Coral Reef Swim (and our collab that is officially LIVE!), to help you find the perfect swimwear for your summer.

What Is Coral Reef Swim?

Coral Reef Swim creates swimwear designed for every body, shape, and style. With just a quick scroll through their socials, it’s easy to tell their heart and soul is put into every piece. 

Swimwear Designed For Everyone

Coral Reef Swim offers:

  • Different lengths of tops and bottoms
  • A diverse size range (XXS- XXXL)
  • Stylish designs that are all modest in nature
  • Easy to mix-and-match patterns
  • All suits at an affordable price point

Let’s be real, besides their commitment to modesty and inclusivity, these designs were too cute to pass up!


My first suit from Coral Reef created a snowball effect into an obsession. After countless times of sharing on stories about Coral Reef Swim, a collaboration only felt natural. We wanted to combine my favorite patterns and colors I love with the classic designs Coral Reef is known for.

I’m so proud that our collection is officially live! It’s been so rewarding hearing all of the excitement around the new styles – I’m so excited for you all to see them!

Coral Reef Swim Is For Every Body!

The mix-and-match nature of every Coral Reef Swim collection allows for customization to create the ideal match. We created several different styles so you can find the perfect silhouette based on what makes YOU feel confident.

Coral Reef Swim Our Faux Farmhouse

Now more than ever, finding cute swimwear that we are excited about AND has great coverage is so important to me. Designing this line alongside my daughter (I can’t even believe how grown she looks in this photo!) was so fun and special! We both love these pieces so much and are really excited to see them on other mother/daughter duos!

We developed a super cute clay color that pairs perfectly with all of the patterns available. There are a variety of bottom and top designs, with functional straps that offer support and varying levels of coverage. Our hope is that there is something for everyone! In the photo above, we are wearing the same styles in different sizes!

Where Can I Purchase?

Here is the link to shop the Our Faux Farmhouse x Coral Reef Swim Collaboration

Coral Reef Swim has created a detailed size chart for both adults and kids, along with an easy return process if the size is not quite right. Did I mention that shipping is free on your first purchase?!

How To Take Care Of Your Swimwear

Coral Reef Swim x Our Faux Farmhouse Collaboration

We want your Coral Reef Swim x Our Faux Farmhouse suit to last as long as possible, so it requires just a little bit of TLC after every wear.

After high-energy activities, throw your suit into the laundry on cold with mild detergent. If you’re just sunbathing with the occasional cool-off dip, rinse your suit in the sink. No matter how you wash it, do not put it in the dryer! Lay flat to dry and it will be good to go!

My Final Thoughts

I am so excited to share this suit we’ve been working so hard on with you all! It feels like a little piece of my heart is in every suit stitch. Hopefully, this collection makes sure no one sits on the sidelines in a tank top and shorts again – enjoy the fun in the water with your loved ones!

If you end up purchasing a Coral Reef Swim x Our Faux Farmhouse suit, let me know in the comments! And if you want to keep up with all things Our Faux Farmhouse, check out our most recent posts:

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