The Farmhouse Movement Magazine Feature

Mom sent me this text this weekend: “Dad showed the check-out lady at Sprouts your mega spread in the magazine. She was curious why he was buying a farmhouse magazine. He may have bragged a LOT and told her you graduated from CRHS, and were on the first cheer squad. She knows your life history now.“ —😳😆 I then went on to see that my Dad shared the entire spread on his Facebook feed. So if you wanna see it too, either buy the mag or friend my Dad on Facebook. (just kidding) But I’m not gonna lie, feels pretty darn great to make my parents proud.

The magazine featured some of our recent projects, and captured how we transformed our spec home into what it is today! We had no idea when we started our little account on Instagram that it would one day turn into a feature in the Farmhouse Movement. However, we are so excited for where this journey has taken us so far and can’t wait to see what the future holds!

And the biggest THANK YOU to @thefarmhousemovement for the feature in their GORGEOUS magazine. Truly an honor. Please make sure you head to their Instagram page and give them a follow! Jordan is such an inspiration!

May 8, 2019

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