The New FabFitFun Box Is Here–and its the Pick-Me-Up We Needed!

Guys! I had no idea it was SO COLD in Tennessee! Way colder than in Texas. 🥶 I’m in need of some serious COZY around here, so I’m glad I spoiled myself and I finally tried the box my Instagram friends were raving about! (And I’ve got a coupon code for you to try it too…so keep reading!) Honestly, every time my seasonal FabFitFun box shows up on my doorstep it’s like Christmas…4 times a year. And this box BROUGHT. THE. COZY!!!

This season’s box was jam packed with full size goodies! When you’re a FabFitFun member you get to CUSTOMIZE your seasonal boxes. And it’s not just makeup and cosmetics and fashion, they have home decor, fitness accessories, and more! Doesn’t it just seem to make sense that if you’re already wanting to buy one or two of the items in the box that you’d WANT to get a bunch of other items essentially for FREE?! That’s what I love most about FabFitFun!

In a box I got recently I chose items like these super soft and cozy MUK LUKS Cabin Socks, valued at $25. These have already come in super handy with the colder temps than us former Texans are used to. 🥶

And something else that will keep us nice and cozy this season are these Lilly Pulitzer Ceramic Mugs, perfect for serving up a cup of tea or hot cocoa. The gold detail on the handle is my favorite!

And I cannot believe they put in one of these full-size UnHide Blankets (valued at $65)! Have you ever felt one of these Marshmallow Blankets? It’s unreal how soft it is! I love cozying up by the fire with this one. I could watch Hallmark Movies all night with this blanket + hot cocoa + a warm fire. Ahhhhh.

I also love that they included the Cinnamon & Spice Eyeshadow Palette by Laura Geller. This has the PERFECT nudes and pinks for ANY season (valued at $45). It pairs perfectly with the Phase Zero Makeup Making Moves Blusher (valued at $27.50). These items combined with the FULL SIZE Tula Skincare Rose Glow & Get It Cooling and Brightening Eye Balm (valued at $30) basically gives me my whole face! All INSIDE this season’s box! It’s a no brainer!

This subscription box CONSTANTLY amazes me with the value and caliber of products they offer.

If you want to jazz up your home and life but pay your rent too shop here! And when you SIGN UP NOW using my link and coupon code FAUX10, you’ll get $10 off your first box!

Enjoy Christmas on your doorsteps FOUR TIMES A YEAR!

xo, Holly

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January 15, 2021

  1. Elizabeth Singley says:

    How long does it take to receive the first box? I signed up about 5 weeks ago.

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