can you wallpaper textured walls

When I set my sights on wallpapering our bathroom, my first thought was, “Can you even use wallpaper on textured walls?” Well, the answer is yes!

While we were nervous about applying the wallpaper, we’re thrilled with the results. (In fact, we were so nervous about how it would look on the textured walls that we accidentally applied it upside down. But that’s a story for another day!) Here’s how we applied our favorite pre-pasted wallpaper to the textured walls in our bathroom!


You definitely can wallpaper textured walls, but your success will depend on a few things. As you’re planning your project, consider…

  • The style of textured wall. Some textures, like orange peel and knockdown, can work pretty well with wallpaper (if you don’t mind a bit of texture showing through). Others, like popcorn and slap brush, can create a lot of wrinkling and even tearing. If your walls are highly textured, you might be better off smoothing them before applying wallpaper.
  • The type of wallpaper. Not every type of wallpaper will adhere well to textured walls. The pre-pasted paper we used worked great, but check with the manufacturer before you commit.
  • The pattern of the wallpaper. Busier and lighter patterns will hide bumps and texture better than more solid, darker patterns. We chose wallpaper with a cream background and tons of detail. In the end, you could barely see any texture!

When in doubt, order a sample! Try it on a small part of the wall, and leave it up for a few days while you make your decision.


  • Paint Sprayer
  • Wallpaper
  • Measuring Tape
  • Scissors
  • Razor Blade

Wallpaper is one of our favorite ways to jazz up a space because it really only requires a few materials, minimal prep-work, and creates a HUGE IMPACT!


Step 1: Activate the adhesive.

The best time-saver is using a paint sprayer filled with water to create a “fine mist” to activate the paste on the back of the paper. A squirt bottle would have taken longer and a roller may not have evenly applied the water.

Step 2: “Book” the paper.

After spraying the back of the pre-pasted paper we “booked” the paper. You can do this by taking each end of the paper and folding it to the center of the strip. Then, we let that sit for 3 minutes (per the instructions that came with the wallpaper) while the paste was activating.

Step 3: Apply the wallpaper.

Next, when the time was up we grabbed the top edge of the paper and carefully placed it on the wall, leaving the bottom half of the paper “booked” until the top portion was secured, then released the bottom half and secured that to the wall as well.

For those of us with TEXTURED WALLS, do not fret! This paper totally works! We have textured walls as well. You’ll just want to make sure that you get all of the air out from behind the paper. This can be done by firmly pressing all of the paper in place by hand OR by using a flat edge.


One of our most frequently asked questions is, will this type of paper ruin your walls afterwards? Adhesive has come a LONG way, so now you can remove it by simply wetting the paper again, and it slips easily off the wall…in ONE WHOLE SHEET! No more tiny little shreds!

It totally transforms this little space into a little designer hall bathroom (vs. builder-grade boring bathroom). Such a simple weekend project that we feel ANY level of DIYer can handle. Happy Wallpaper-ing!

ALSO- We also used wallpaper in our daughter’s boho bedroom- it made a HUGE difference! See the reveal HERE.

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    • Deanna

    Looks great! Does it make the room feel smaller at all?

    • Katie Jo

    Are you able to show a video of sorts to see what its really like in there? Cant really get a feel for the room with the image used. I’m dying to use wallpaper, but am afraid of what to choose in my standard build home. You guys are amazing. Everything you guys do is BOMB!

    • Mb

    Paint sprayer=brilliant!

    • Nichole

    So this is super inspiring because I live in San Antonio and have the same horrible texture. Mine is called “Monterrey Drag” and it is a complete drag. I’m not ready to do a large space yet, but I’m thinking in my pantry would be really cute!

    • Elizabeth Bennett

    Such a cute space! I absolutely love the wallpaper! Do you mind sharing where the floating shelves are from?

    • Mary Kate Huff

    Great!! Where did you get the vanity?

      • Ashleigh

      Yes! Can you tell us where you got the vanity?

      • Susan

      Where did you get the vanity I love it

    • Spencer

    Vanity question as well for you! Purchased or did you paint yourself? If painted, what color is this? I LOVE IT!!!!

    • Debra

    What is the name of your black and white pantry wallpaper and who makes it?

      • Melissa

      Found the wallpaper. It’s Magnolia Home. Joanna Gaines

    • Kristina

    Love the vanity, where is it from !???

    • Christine

    Still wondering about the vanity…where is this from? Is it painted. If so what is the color?

    • Marilyn

    I love the wallpaper. Can you share what it is?

      • Donna

      Where did you get the wallpaper and can you share the name and supplier

    • Heather

    Would also love to know where you got the vanity! Beautiful bathroom and the inspiration for my remodel. <3

    • Emily Everetts

    Please share the color of the vanity!! I’m obsessed!!

    • Donna

    Where did you get the wallpaper and can you share the name and supplier

      • Melissa

      Found the wallpaper. It’s Magnolia Home, Joanna Gaines

    • Sabrina

    Where can you find this vanity and shelves?? They are beautiful!

    • Marianne

    Love the vanity. Where is it from?

    • Brooke

    Am also curious about the wallpaper. Where is it from? Can you share?

      • Brooke

      Ha ha!! Found it! 😉
      Home Depot

    • Karen

    Love the bathroom makeover! I too would love to know where you found the farmhouse sink and vanity!

    • Robbi

    I too LOVE the vanity. Any chance you can share where it is from, or if you paired a farmsink with the vanity on your own?

    • Amanda

    How big of a wall and how many rolls did you need?

    • Erin Guenzi

    Where is the vanity from?