Our Faux Farmhouse DIY Board & Batten. 

This board & batten project costs us $300. It was bid at $2,500–and that’s on the low end. Price will vary depending on the size of your space, but if you can DIY it–DO IT!


1/8″ White Wall Panel Board from your local hardware store, 1/2″ MDF (comes in 4’x8′ sheets from Home Depot), finishing nails, liquid nails, wood putty, sander, table saw/miter saw

? Instructions

First, let me say, tutorials are not our forte. We don’t use them so we aren’t very good at producing them. ? Brad is the type that looks at a picture and can have a pretty good guess as to how it was done. He wings a lot of things. So these are those kind of instructions ??. Awesome, right? .

From the floor to the top of the B&B it’s 7’4″. We felt that this was the best height for our size walls, though your wall size may differ. On one of the pictures you will see dimensions. The lengths will depend on how high up your B&B will go.

First, Brad glued the panel board to the wall with Liquid Nails then shot finishing nails where we knew strips of MDF would cover it. We cut 3″ strips from the sheets of MDF, spaced the strips 2 ft apart, then glued/nailed them on. We wanted a finishing edge piece up top so brad cut strips of white wood that he already had lying around. They are 3/4″ by 3/4″ and create a nice top piece. Tacked on with finishing nails. .

Now for the most tedious part of the whole process–after all of the wood was up it was time for wood putty. Brad puttied all of the nail holes (and there were A LOT) and allowed it time to dry. Then he sanded all of the dry putty so the wood would appear smooth. This was a MESS! Be prepared for lots of dust. .

Final step was paint and primer. We wanted our Board and Batten to match our existing trim (since it touches it) and that color is Sherwin Williams Pure White. We love it–super bright and crisp.

Note-the 1/2″ MDF is thicker than our existing baseboards. There IS A SMALL LIP where they meet but you would never know unless you go and touch it. Most people won’t. ? Hope this was helpful!

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    • Greatfon.com

    Continue placing the felt on, one color after another until you have covered the whole board. Trim off any pieces of felt that hang over the cardboard.

    • Dana

    Is this panel board the same thing as the white hardboard? It has a harder acrylic top layer, the white side? We got 5 of these large boards to cover the wallpaper that has been on the wall for probably 30 years and is not coming off easy however, I didn’t realize it was an acrylic top layer and wondering how it went painting over it? Did it stick well or did it just look like it was trying to cover up that plastic look (even sounds like plastic when you tap it). Would appreciate tips when you painted it otherwise I may need to return. Thanks!!

    • Ashley

    how did you paint it? Should i paint my wall first, but up the boards, then paint the boards?

    • Alyce

    What finish do you recommend using? For both walls and trim?

    • Dieanna

    Can this be done in a bullnozed corner?

    • Jackie Wallace

    This turned out amazing!!! I love board & batten. This made such a huge difference in your space. I would love this look in our guest bedroom. We may have to try it out. With this and some professional carpet cleaning, I think it will look like a whole new room. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home!