barefoot blanket dupe

We all know the hype around the Barefoot Dreams blanket: soft fabric, large size, and a hefty cost attached. With a price point just shy of $200 (you read that correctly), it definitely isn’t a budget-friendly purchase! I’ve shared how much I love this blanket in the past and recommended it as a gift or splurge item.

I had scoured the Internet for any sort of dupe for years until the release of The Styled Collection’s blanket. With a more practical cost I ordered it- best decision ever!

Our entire family fought over this singular blanket until I ordered a few more to regain peace in our household. Sharing on my stories how much we loved our new buttery soft blankets, The Styled Collection reached out to collaborate!

In this post I will discuss everything you need to know about this perfect Barefoot Dreams blanket dupe and our collaboration to help you decide if this is your next favorite purchase!

Barefoot Dreams Blanket and The Styled Collective’s Blanket – Which Do You Prefer?

First and foremost, the price point. For $120 (almost $100 cheaper than the Barefoot Dreams blanket) you get the same soft fabric with more fun, stylish prints. 

Second, this blanket is huge! With the measurements of 50 x 70 inches, there is enough room to cozy up with a loved one, or swaddle yourself in its softness. You know it’s good when 6-foot tall Brad can be fully covered by the blanket.

Now onto why we all love these blankets in the first place- the insane comfort level. I have tried many dupes on the market, but none achieved the buttery soft feel that The Styled Collective has with their blankets. This alone is why it’s worth the splurge!

Lastly, but still essential when making a sound purchase, this blanket is durable. The Styled Collective made sure to focus on stretch (while still holding shape) to allow for your blanket to be loved for years to come. The fabric is designed to stay warm and snuggly through washes, but be careful because it can snag.

barefoot blanket dupe

Designing Our Dream Blanket – Is It Actually A Barefoot Blanket Dupe?

The Styled Collective offers their gorgeous blanket in several variations of cheetah print. While we love our original blankets, I knew that this print did not match our style perfectly.

When given such a fun opportunity to design a blanket that our family and our followers would love, I knew there was no other option but to go with a beautiful plaid print. This is definitely our signature style – nothing says Our Faux Farmhouse like these prints! 

This buttery soft blanket is now available in 5 different variations:

With so many options, there is one blanket that is perfect for every home. They are the perfect cozy design element. I have about 5 on hand at all times to give as gifts!

How To Care Of Your Blanket

As mentioned previously, this blanket is made to be loved. Throw it on the back of your couch or the foot of your bed- it is designed to be where you can easily snuggle up in it.

When it comes time to wash, make sure to put your machine on cold and tumble dry low or air dry. The Styled Collective does warn of potential snagging in the wash, but we wash them with our linens and have never experienced any issues.

barefoot blanket dupe

Our Final Thoughts

There is no better blanket on the market than what is offered by The Styled Collective. From their durability to buttery softness, this is truly a blanket that makes you want to curl up on the couch. You can grab yours here!

Although we are partial to our beautiful plaid design, there are many options available that prove perfect to give as gifts or keep for yourself!

If you do end up purchasing a blanket, let us know your thoughts in the comments! Any prints we should do next?!

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