Everyone can agree a Christmas tree skirt is the final touch to the perfect tree, but so often the only ones available are dated. Today on the blog, I’ll be sharing all my favorite takes on a modern Christmas tree skirt you’ll love.

My Favorite Christmas Tree Skirt Ideas

Christmas tree skirts are the best way to add that holiday warmth into your home. Although its practical purpose is to cover up those pesky tree bases, the skirt itself is just as important to the tree as the ornaments. 

While I love the typical red and white skirt for its classic Christmas spirit, at times it clashes with our year-round home decor. Necessity calls for innovation and over the years I’ve DIY’ed some stunning tree skirts. Here are a few of my favorites:

A Textured or Patterned Blanket

Textured Blanket As A Christmas Tree Skirt

A textured or pattern blanket is an easy and cost-effective way to DIY a tree skirt. Plus, they add such a cozy touch! Whether it be a brand new blanket, or the one hanging from the back of your couch, the options are endless.

Tip: Go for an oversized blanket over one that is smaller. No matter how large the base of your tree is, the blanket works best as a skirt when it looks fluffy. Being able to loosely fold it over provides that warm farmhouse feel we all love.

Over the years, I’ve used many different types of blankets that vary in color, texture, and pattern. Personally, I think your Christmas tree skirt will look best if you choose a neutral color scheme. That way, it doesn’t draw the eye too much to the floor and away from the tree itself.

Fabric From The Craft Store

Along the same line as the blanket, buying fabric from the craft store is an easy way to make a stunning Christmas tree skirt. With so many patterns, colors, and fun add ons, there is no limit to how creative you can get!

Another perk about buying fabric is how simple it is. No matter if you’re in a pinch or there is a tree skirt disaster, the craft store is always there with a totally unique option for you.

Depending on how much sewing experience you have, this can become a completely custom skirt that is designed perfectly

Basket Cut In Half

Although it is quite sad to cut a perfectly good basket in half, the end result creates the most stunning Christamas tree skirt at an affordable price. It acts like the classic tree collar, but brings in rustic textures that are so warm. Plus, it looks amazing next to an indoor fireplace.

Cutting the basket in half is quite easy! Brad used a reciprocating saw to cut the back so I could position it correctly. 

I will say, depending on how large the base of your tree is, your basket may not cover it all the way. That being said, it is only noticeable if you’re looking right at it. With large ornaments or presents placed strategically, it would never be noticeable.

If the idea of the base poking out bothers you too much, combine the basket with a textured blanket or fabric. Then, you truly get the best of both worlds!

My Plan For This Year’s Christmas Tree Skirt

I know… I know… there are still plenty of holidays to celebrate before Christmas comes around, but there is nothing quite like this holiday season. As my kids get older, I realize how special this time is together as a family and I want it to be as cheery as possible. So if that means planning Christmas tree skirt ideas months in advance, so be it!

I have always remained partial to my neutral trees and the farmhouse flair that comes with the ribbon I add to it. If you want to see exactly how I design my ribbon tree, check out this post! With that in mind, I am torn over using a basket or blanket.

Christmas Tree Skirt Basket

The photo above showcases one of my favorite trees we have ever had, plus the first time I used a basket. While I love this look so much, I am leaning towards using a blanket. It just adds the most warm an inviting touch!

I cannot wait to put up this year’s Christmas tree and add a beautiful Christmas tree skirt to the bottom. It brings so much joy to our home. If you end up trying any of my takes on the modern Christmas tree skirt, please let me know in the comments!

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