My absolute favorite tradition is putting up our family Christmas tree. Being able to decorate it together is such a special memory we all share and look forward to each year. That being said, I am very partial on how the tree looks- but only with the ribbons! Over the years I’ve fallen in love with a Christmas tree of ribbon and so have all of you.

After so many questions on how I do this DIY, I’m here to show you! Today on the blog, I’m walking you through a step-by-step guide to make your own Christmas tree with ribbon.

My Favorite Ribbon To Use

Farmhouse Inspired Christmas Tree With Ribbon

The key to the perfect Christmas tree with ribbon is making sure you buy ribbon that is both wide and has wire sewn into it.

There is no one perfect width size, but I prefer it to be a few inches so that even from far away it stands out. As for the wire, this proves crucial to ensure the loops we make keep their shape.

Lucky for all of us, this ribbon is super easy to find! It comes in endless patterns and I’ve learned the best selection is at Target or Walmart. Your local craft store would also be an awesome place to check out. Amazon, too!

As for the pattern you choose, it’s all up to the look you’re after. We are all about the farmhouse design over here, so our tree is usually filled with neutral shades. If the classic Christmas red and gold is more your style, go for it!

Christmas Tree With Ribbons DIY Steps

Now that you’ve picked the perfect ribbon to compliment your tree, it’s time to add it in! This DIY is so simple, but its effect will leave you with a tree that’s the talk of your family and friends. Ours is every year!

Step 1: Cut Your Ribbon

Wired Ribbon Strips For Christmas Tree With Ribbon

Over the years, I’ve learned that to make your loops have the desired puffy effect, it calls for about 2 feet of ribbon. Measure your ribbon out and cut between 18”- 24” strips. Although this is the most tedious part, once you’ve cut your first strip it can act as a guide for all the rest.

Tip: Depending on how big your tree is, you may want your ribbon loops to be shorter. If this is the case, cut your ribbon in 12”- 18” strips.

This is such a forgiving process. Cut just a few strips to test out first. If you decide you like your loops a different length than you originally planned, just adjust accordingly!

Step 2: Tuck The Ribbon In

Once your ribbon is cut, the fun part begins! Take the top of your ribbon and tuck it back into your tree. I like to use a couple inches of length to make sure it stays in place.

Step 3: Loop The Ribbon Down Below

Now that your ribbon is stuck in place at the top, bend the wire to make the beautiful loop we all love. Once you’ve created your desired shape, tuck in the bottom the same way you did the top.

Again, I like to use a few inches of length to keep the shape and guarantee it never moves.

Step 4: Repeat Until Your Christmas Tree With Ribbon Is Done!

Turn on your favorite Christmas movie and repeat steps 2 and 3 until your tree is finished! There may be some minor adjustments to move up or down ribbon strips, but that’s all a part of the process.

Depending on how creative you’re feeling, there may be different patterns of ribbon included in your tree. Oftentimes, I’ll use four different ribbons at a time and alternate them all around the tree.

A Finished Christmas Tree With Ribbon

Finished Christmas Tree With Ribbon

Now that your tree is complete, step back and admire all of your hard work! Although it is more just a tedious task over and over, the end result is so worth it! The best part is that this ribbon can be kept and reused for years to come. I love adding new patterns into my classic staples for a slightly different tree every year!

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If you end up creating your own Christmas tree with ribbon, please let me know in the comments! And to keep up with all things Our Faux Farmhouse, check out some of our recent posts!

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