While we love to DIY pretty much anything we can in our home, our experience with Urban Drapes convinced me to never go back. From start to finish, they create completely custom window coverings that fit perfectly in any home.

Today on the blog, I’ll be discussing everything I love about partnering with Urban Drapes in our new home to help you decide if custom drapes are your next must-have!

What Is Urban Drapes?

Urban Drapes Custom Romans In Boys Room

Urban Drapes specializes in, you guessed it, all things related to drapes! From window coverings to romans to rods, they truly have anything you could ever want to finish off your window space.

Now this isn’t just your typical home finishing website, but what sets Urban Drapes apart is how everything is perfectly customized to fit what your home needs. While this may sound like a massive undertaking, the process is done in three simple steps.

How It Works:

  1. Pick the style of curtains or romans you like the best.
  2. Customize your chosen drapes according to their detailed building guide.
  3. Have them delivered straight to your door!

No home project has been as simple as creating our custom curtains and romans with Urban Drapes. Seriously, all the guess work is traded in for a hassle-free process!

What Does Their Service Entail?

Custom Romans By Urban Drapes In Living Room

I know many of you are thinking this service sounds way too simple, but I can attest it’s the truth! After installing custom drapes into two homes, we feel comfortable giving it our stamp of approval.

Still not totally convinced? That’s okay! I’ll walk you through our complete experience of what their service entails.

Our Experience With Urban Drapes

After approaching Urban Drapes to work together for a second time, we received nothing except excitement from their end. It’s rare to find a fellow family business still carrying service-oriented values, but Urban Drapes guarantees quality results.

Shortly after deciding on which rooms to add curtains to, Urban Drapes printed the cutest farmhouse-inspired fabrics to elevate each and every area. Brad and I then took detailed measurements using their how-to guides.

After about four weeks, the drapes were in! To finish off such a fabulous working relationship, Urban Drapes came over to install them by hand. In our previous home, Brad and I hung up each drape ourselves using their guide and a free evening. Although the process is super simple, we did love kicking our feet up to finish off the completely custom project.

Now that we’ve been living with our Urban Drapes for a few weeks, I cannot imagine our home without them! They provide the perfect mix of practicality and design flair that fits perfectly with our interior.

Is The Cost Worth It?

I’ll be honest with you all, having custom drapes in your home is an investment. Coming from people who have owned homes with both store-bought and custom options, there is truly no comparison.

Finished Urban Drapes Used In Bedroom

From a functional perspective, it can be extremely difficult to find the correct curtains for your needs. Every member of our family uses different types of drapes in their rooms, so figuring out the perfect solution is near impossible. With Urban Drapes, we are able to guarantee quality results every time. 

From a design perspective, there is just nothing better than having completely custom curtains in your home. While we all want a finishing touch added to our windows, getting it right is almost more hassle than it’s worth. After multiple returns, a crooked installation, or just the incorrect size curtain, we end up just throwing in the towel.

Urban Drapes brings the quality back into curtains. Of all the splurges we have made over the years, this is one we have never regretted.

And you’re in luck! By using code: HOLLY5 you can receive 5% off your total purchase. It’s a no brainer to give their products a try- I promise you’ll love them as much as we do.

Our Final Thoughts On Urban Drapes

If you can’t tell by now, Urban Drapes is one of our absolute favorite home investments of all time! Whether it be for one window or your entire home, their quality service guarantees stunning results no matter what.

If you end up giving Urban Drapes a try, please let us know in the comments! And to keep up with all things Our Faux Farmhouse, check out our most recent posts:

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