Enclosed Patio With Windows vs. Screened-In Patio

I’ve known since we moved into this house that I wanted to do something with our patio. It came down to two options: screening it in or totally enclosing it. While I do love a screened-in patio, we decided to go with a fully enclosed one. Here’s why.

Why We Chose an Enclosed Patio With Windows

  • We can heat and cool it. Where we live, it gets really cold in the winter and very hot in the summer. Even with a screened-in patio, we’d be limited in how often we could comfortably use our outdoor space. But the enclosed patio can be heated and cooled, meaning we can enjoy a little outside time 365 days a year! 
  • Added square footage. Because our patio is fully enclosed, it adds square footage to the appraisal value of our home. All the time, energy, and money we’ve invested into the enclosed patio will pay off in the end!
  • More decor options. Screened-in patios can still let in tons of moisture, wind, and dirt. That really limits your decor options to materials that can withstand the elements. With our enclosed patio, however, we can really go all-out! (More on how we’re styling our patio in a bit!)
  • Fewer bugs. Bugs were the number one reason (half kidding!) we wanted to enclose our patio! I love the outdoors, but I don’t love all the creepy crawlies that come with it. While a screened-in patio does prevent most bugs, an enclosed one naturally does a better job at keeping them out.
enclosed patio with windows

Our DIY Enclosed Patio Build

As usual, we decided to tackle this project on our own. Once we had a plan (and a building permit!), Brad got to work framing the space, insulating the walls, and installing the windows. For a detailed rundown of the project, check out my Instagram story highlights!

This has definitely been one of the biggest, most ambitious projects we’ve ever completed. We wanted the patio to look and feel like it was an original feature of our home, and that meant we had to get everything perfect. It was a lot of work, but we’re so pleased with the results! 

How to Style An Enclosed Patio With Windows

Once the patio was complete, I immediately started styling it! The windows protect the patio from the elements, so we could really decorate however we want. We decided to turn the enclosed patio into a second dining area, so I added a long dining table and some cute wicker chairs to keep the outdoorsy feel. We also installed a TV above the fireplace (because why not?) and put up some cozy Christmas decor. The whole family loves it!

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