farmhouse bed

Here’s a “would you rather” for you: Would you rather spend $2000 on a farmhouse bed at the local furniture store or DIY one for $200 in just a few hours? Tough one, right? Wrong!

For us, the answer was easy! This DIY farmhouse bed took Brad just a few hours, and it saved us at least $1800. And because we did it ourselves, we were able to totally customize the size and color to work in our bedroom.

Here’s how we made our farmhouse bed! If you want to make your own, just adjust the sizing. This is the perfect project for a beginner DIYer!

farmhouse bed DIY

The Design For Our Farmhouse Bed

We were so torn on whether to go with @oldbarnmilkpaint Weathered Stain or @oldbarnmilkpaint Gable Milk Paint for this bed. I wanted a shade that would pop against the @sherwinwilliams Peppercorn accent wall.  So… we tried both!

In the end, We LOVED the gray paint (Gable by @oldbarnmilkpaint), but we weren’t crazy about how it looked next to our stark white nightstands. Still, we opted for the gray paint and added “repaint nightstands” to our ever-growing project list. We’ll get around to it someday!

farmhouse bed

It’s times like this I’m reminded I’m DEFINITELY not a professional. But this is how projects go sometimes, right?! It’s how we learn! I definitely want to update the nightstands, switch the rug, and add some more details to this room, but the farmhouse bed is a great start! I’m excited to see how it inspires the rest of our bedroom design.

farmhouse bed

Want to see what this room looks like now?

Future Holly, here! We’ve done a few additional projects in this room since we first posted about the DIY farmhouse bed. Most recently, we completely updated our decor with help from Home Depot! (Don’t worry, we kept the bed!) You can see the whole update by visiting this post HERE, and be sure to follow us on Instagram for future design updates.

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    • Emily Hey

    What are the measurements for how tall the headboard and footboard sit and how long you cut the pieces?

    • Chuck Payne

    Do you have those measurements for a queen size bed? Thank you.

    • courtney

    Where is that blanket from? I have been searching for one just like it.

    • Tiffany

    I’d like to build the bed in the photo at the top with the split colors (for reference) , do you have full bed size dimensions?

    • Austin

    Parts List would be helpful

      • Donna

      I’d love to have a parts supply list as well. My husband plans to build the exact bed for our daughter as a Christmas gift this year.

    • Christopher Streckee

    What are all of the measurements to make both the headboard and the footboard?

    • Christopher Strecker

    For a king?

    • Lanie

    I don’t see the measurements for the bed here. I have clicked the other link and it says to click another link to the blog & it comes back to this page. Am I missing something. Love this bed so much!

    • Deborah

    Hello, Love love this bed. I don’t see the measurements and we really need them. Going to make ASAP like tomorrow! Please get back to me. Thank You so much.

    • Theo

    Looks like NOBODY is getting the dimensions. Just going to figure it out on my own, thanks for nothing 🙂

    • Mary

    Love this plan

    • Holly

    It’d be great to actually have dimensions for this DIY project ??‍♀️ Such a waste of my time

    • Daniel Reyes

    Where is the DIY tutorial for this bed?