Makeover Reveal!! I have all the feels over the new pantry door Brad made for me this weekend. I’ll miss my old blue door, but I was inspired by Megan’s @txsizedhome amazing pantry door and was ready for a change. We love how it complements the rest of the kitchen decor. And you know I’m a sucker for farmhouse x’s. I might need to start a new hashtag for that.

Pantry Door DIY

Tutorial time!  Using the birch plywood on the back made squaring everything up a cinch! In that section up top you can cut it, leave it open, screen it with chicken wire (like Megan did @txsizedhome), fill it with glass OR leave it alone. The supply list is short (everything can be found at your local home improvement store), the tools are simple, and in under 3 hours you’ll have a fun new door. (That includes paint time!) I don’t have a blog so that’s about as detailed as I can get on here but feel free to comment with any questions. You can do it! Happy Door Making! 

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    • Jody Means

    Hey! I love this door. My husband is wondering how wide you made the door?

    • Brandy Romello

    Hi Holly! We are going to build a door like this for our pantry makeover and wanted to see if you had detailed instructions you could send. Like, how did you get the paint look on the door to not show all the hard edges, etc. Thank you!!!

    • Ashlea Freiburg

    Loving this pantry door! How’d you attach the glass? Did you Notch it out? Or did you use clips to hold it in place? Also after you painted it(color of paint) did u glaze it?

    • Itzamara

    Do you have a link to more detailed instructions? Love this door!


    I would love the detailed instructions. Gotta try. Thank you. [email protected]

    • Ejeta kelvin

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    • Randolph Samuel

    Hey! im very interested in this build. Do you happen to have a detailed cut list or some guide? How big is the glass space. I wanna get the glass cut to that size so it’ll fit right in. Thanks!!

    • Lisa Hardiman

    I too would like the detailed instructions. Thank you for this post.

    • Larin Copier

    Love this door! I too would like detailed instructions regarding size, paint, and how you attached the glass?
    Thank you

    • Bridget Raub

    This is exactly what we are looking for. I would love detailed instructions.


    Absolutely LOVE this door! I also would like detailed instructions regarding size, paint, and how you attached the glass?
    Thank you

    • Terri

    I love your door. Just trying to figure out what the other side of the door looks like. Do you duplicate all of this wood and do it on both sides? Thanks

    • Sheri

    Love the door!! Clicked on it because it says “Tutorial”, but there is no instructions at all. Measurements? Glass or screen insert??? Everyone has these questions, but you don’t respond to anyone. Well, at least YOU have a door to show off. >:/