This. This monstrosity DIY outdoor patio is what sucking up all our time. ???‍♂️ I promise we’ll have some more entry level DIY’s soon…like adding boxes above our kitchen cabinets and putting wood treatment on our mantle wall and building a new pantry door (like the last house)…it’s all coming guys, I promise. 

And the finished product!! The DIY patio is officially complete. Can you hear the angels singing? ? Holy cow, this was quite the project…I think Brad and I both underestimated what a large undertaking this was going to be but it was SO worth it! I’m so glad we did this soon after moving in so that we can enjoy it for years to come. ?? I’m so proud of Brad and his skills—this one was a doozie. ???

Fall on the outdoor patio is kind of amazing. This is forever one of my favorite DIY’s done by Brad. And how proud are you that I’ve kept ALL of those succulents alive for like 6 months now? Pssst- check out my post for how to make your own DIY succulent wall. Also, our patio furniture is from Arhaus.

A man and his house…1 year later. Ya did good, Brad. ??

And a big fat THANK YOU and virtual {squeeze} ?? from Brad and I for all of that love on the reveal pic a couple of days ago. ?? Believe us when we say that your ultra kind comments are what fuel us for our next project. We have the BEST community ever—we’re sure of it! ??? .

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    • Margaret Clabes

    Love how the patio turned out! Inviting and practical. Beautiful!!

    • Jen

    Loooooooove this sectional!! Where is it from??

      • Ashley Riley

      I think she gets most of her patio furniture from Arhaus 🙂

    • Mary

    I’ve bee searching for this highlight real on Instagram but I can’t find it anywhere! Is it still there???

    • Kailey

    I can’t find the insta highlight real! Did you guys plank the little over hang that was already existing any special way? Or just over the dry wall or stucco?

    • Whitney

    Where are the rugs from?

    • Tanya

    Is there a DIY how to for the patio porch? We have had quotes to do ours 40 and up. Would like to DIY a covered patio. Love yours?