I took to the internet to ask for moving company recommendations and we saw the name MiniMoves suggested several times. I learned they specialize in state-to-state services for people who don’t have a lot to move. They looked like a great fit for families moving just a couple rooms of furniture or for someone in an apartment heading to their first job after college. While I was happy to see so many were pleased with their experience, I needed to see if this company was the right fit for us in our move from Austin to Nashville. After all, we have five kids – ours was not a mini move! I soon discovered they handle big moves too! 

After a phone call with their team to ask my screening questions, I was THOROUGHLY impressed with their level of knowledge and expertise in state-to-state moving. The other thing that I was really impressed by was their professionalism…they truly made me feel SO comfortable and confident with their ability to handle this move. They described MiniMoves small shipment services but also explained the VIP and Executive service levels they provide to their corporate clients on large moves where they take care of everything. With our timeframe and all the work to be done, their Executive service was exactly what we needed. 

I know lots of moving company probably have similar pitches, but as many of you stated in my stories when I was sharing about them, I was interested in seeing how they did when the time came to actually move. 

I’m going to go more in depth throughout this blog post…but for those looking for a quick answer–they were everything they promised AND MORE! Not one thing was broken or missing–which is a typical problem you hear about in this industry. And while accidents do happen, so much of that can be avoided with proper packing and safe handling of the belongings, with which MiniMoves went above and beyond!!

AND when you mention @ourfauxfarmhouse when you call in, they’ll upgrade you to VIP Service, like we had. Keep reading to find out more!


After some very thorough planning sessions with MiniMoves via phone call and email, it was officially MOVING DAY! We had never used professional packers before but it was just ask magical as you’ve ever heard people talk about. We just sat back, relaxed (as much as you could with 5 kids on moving day) and let MiniMoves handle all the prepping, packing, and heavy lifting! I can tell you this (with 1,000% assurity) we would have NEVER packed our belongings like this if it were left up to us! And we would’ve had a ton of broken items by the time they got to Tennessee. Our MiniMoves team spent 2 days meticulously packing our home in Texas. Everything was protected as if it was their OWN personal belongings. I truthfully believe that is what sets the company apart from other movers you hear about–they protected these items like they were THEIR OWN!

Have I mentioned yet how this company goes above and beyond? I know, I know, I’ve already said it multiple times…but I’ll just let these pictures do the talking…

This is what they did to ensure that as they were moving items and boxes out of our house that they didn’t scratch or harm any of the surfaces! Isn’t that amazing?! They literally rolled out the red carpet for us, protecting even the items that we weren’t taking with us. Again, it felt like they were protecting THEIR OWN home!

Now that everything was packed up into the moving trucks it was time for us to head to Tennessee. Us in our minivan and them in their moving trucks. We did one final sign off of all of the accounted for items (yes, they log EACH AND EVERY box and belonging that goes into the truck) and we were ON OUR WAY!

Sooo many of you have been burned by moving companies, I could tell from your messages. You were nervous to see the condition of the items once they arrived after driving nearly 16 hours in a large truck. This is usually when the bad news is delivered. We arrived in TN a day earlier than them and held our breaths until the moment of truth!

The Moment of Truth!

You guys, NOT ONE THING was broken or missing! It was all there, packed so safely and tightly, and in the exact condition that we left it in! Once again they protected certain walls and surfaces they were concerned they might damage while carrying big heavy boxes around then they unloaded ALL of the boxes.

Doesn’t that look heavy?! Gosh, they’re amazing! I remember standing there in awe, just being so grateful that that was me heaving that giant box up the stairs. All of the boxes were labeled according to room so it made unloading them into the new rooms a cinch!

Our MiniMoves Chicago team far exceeded our wildest expectations! I would recommend them to anyone looking to make a move. Your search for a dependable, trustworthy, transparent, meticulous moving company has come to an end! GO WITH MINIMOVES and save yourself the hassle! Your horror stories of moving experiences almost scared me out of moving altogether, but I’m SO glad we gave MiniMoves a chance. We feel beyond blesses to have worked with them! They made moving across state lines and moving into our new home A BREEZE! Thank you MiniMoves!

And because they are AMAZING they’ve given me a coupon code to share with all of you! When you call 877-762-9143 and mention that Our Faux Farmhouse sent you, you will receive: 20% off your move (terms and conditions apply, read below to learn more). Isn’t that awesome!? They just want everyone to have a seamless, worry-free moving experience, just like we had! Go MiniMoves!

Last week in stories we asked for questions you might have had about our move and we wanted to answer the most frequently asked questions here, to hopefully give you more information so you too can feel confident in choosing a moving company that’s right for you!


How do I contact MiniMoves? To request a quote you can visit their website at www.minimoves.com or you can call them Monday – Friday between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM Central Time or on Saturdays from 8:00 AM until 1:00 PM Central Time at 877-762-9143 

What is the discount code and how does it work? The discount code ensures you will receive at least a 20% discount off the transportation charge for your move and represents significant savings off the retail price. It also activates the VIP services included in your move plan. The discount cannot be combined with any other discounts offered by MiniMoves. 

What does it mean when they say they’re upgrading us to VIP service when we mention @ourfauxfarmhouse? VIP services include detailed move planning, a single point of contact throughout your move, preparation of your residence including floor runners and stair railing covers, cloth padding and stretch wrapping furniture before it is moved from your home, day-of-service check calls on packing day, during loading and on delivery day, and expedited claims handing. This VIP service applies to shipments estimated at 6,000 pounds or larger. 

What does it cost, how does their pricing work? Charges for interstate moving are based on the items you ship (the shipment weight), the distance you are moving (miles) and the additional services that you might select from their service menu, things like packing, appliance servicing, specialty crating, even shipping a car. Pricing is menu driven allowing you to participate in as much or as little of your move as you choose. 

Please explain the packing, can they do some packing, all packing, how does that work? Do they pack up everything or most things? MiniMoves can pack just your fragile items, or your entire house. The advantage of having them pack is that your household stays intact and fully functional until a day or two before your move. Their crews bring all of the boxes and paper and bubble wrap it takes to get things safely prepared. They charge per box and can include the cost of full packing in their quote but if you only need them to pack your mattresses and a few mirrors, they are happy to quote that too! 

Did they break anything while moving? What happens if there’s damage? Not one item was damaged! Across the entire industry, claims for damage occur on 1 in every 5 moves. MiniMoves average is a damage claim on 1 in 17 moves. They have the lowest claims rate in the industry which was a big part of the reason I chose MiniMoves. 

Do they do local/short distance moves within my state? MiniMoves is a state-to-state mover. They only provide local moving in their home state of Illinois. 

Do they service (X State) to (X State)? For small moves (an apartment or less) there is a list of states they serve on their website, you can find that here. Just call; they will let you know right away if they cannot provide service. For large moves like ours they service all 48 states and even offer moving services worldwide if you are moving out of the country. 

How long did it take to get your items? Because we filled the entire truck, we were able to set specific loading and delivery dates so delivery was quick. Moves that are less than a full truckload are combined with other shipments that are loaded or delivered in route to share the operating expense. The number of days in transit are determined by the size of the move and the distance. For larger moves, transit time is about 500 miles per day excluding weekends. For smaller moves, transit time can range from 4 to 14 days depending on where you are moving. 

Do they do military moves? Yes, MiniMoves is an approved DOD carrier. 

Do they sub out contractors, as in are they a broker or a full service mover? MiniMoves has assembled a network of contracted service partners (agents) around the country. We train, test, and certify every partner that is in the MiniMoves network. We are not a broker. We do not subcontract outside of our network. If we don’t have a network partner in your location we’ll refer you to a mover in your area that we trust.

www.minimoves.com | 877-762-9143

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