Today on the blog, I’m sharing the home office idea that helped maximize one of the smallest spaces in our home – our closet!

In 2020 when my husband and I bought our home, we had no idea that the world would completely change it’s viewpoint on the benefits of working at home. Fast forward to 2022, and we are permanently working from home!

However, this presented a problem for our small townhome. Where would we work? We needed an home office idea that could work for us.

Why We Chose The Closet For Our Home Office Idea

In creatively finding a solution, we had a small under the stairs closet space that we had used for storage, and decided we would create an office for my husband in there.

While building his ’man cave’ office, we learned four design tips that can help you get the most out of your small living spaces:

How To Maximize A Small Space:

  1. Floating Furniture – To make small spaces look bigger, try to keep as many things off the ground as possible. For my husbands office, we built one floating shelf for his gaming computer and then we built a folding floating shelf for his work laptop. This floating shelf was a huge success as it allowed the capability for more room when my husband was not working.
  2. Lighting – For small spaces , (especially for a space that was once used as a closet,) lighting is SO crucial. Poor lighting is uncomfortable and uninviting to small spaces. Invest in some puck light wall sconces or light strips so that the place doesn’t feel so gloomy and small. Good lighting will bring quality and depth to any small space.
  3. Decorate with purpose and color – On the other end of the closet we decorated with a faux leather recliner chair, a vibrant and subtle painting and a green hanging plant. Hanging plants are perfect for small spaces as they give a feeling of bringing the ’outside world’ in. That automatically creates an inviting atmosphere. Super simple details, yet it brings a wow factor into the space that is warm and welcoming enticing you to never leave. It turned my husbands small office into a secret study when the work day ends and he never wants to leave.
  4. Be Bold, Be You – With small spaces, more often than not, this space is for you and you alone. Most of the time your guests probably wont use your small space. So enough worrying if the room fits the vibe of the rest of your home, this is YOURS and create it that way. Put up some bold wallpaper and freshen up the space with some paint. (Lighter colors if you want it to feel bigger, darker colors if you want a cozy secluded vibe).

As you utilize these four design tips in your homes small spaces, I guarantee you will find greater satisfaction in maximizing your home. Let us start making those small spaces enjoyable to live in!

1. For small spaces, using floating furniture like this floating desk will help make the space feel bigger.
Home Office Idea
2. Lighting is crucial to helping a small space feel liveable.
Home Office Idea
3. Decorate with purpose and color to incorporate that warm/welcoming vibe.

We hope this was helpful in finding the perfect home office idea to fit the needs of your family. This office had been so great for us – I only wish we would have done it sooner. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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